@mackiwg Yes please...would really boost the participants knowing assistance is just a click away

@SharonMani exactly my thoughts as my reply to @Kosive21....government plays a pivotal role for this particular platform of learning to be initiated and used as a networking tool for all educators here in Fiji

@Kosive21 I find your phrase "I believe the government will welcome it" very refreshing and quite interesting. I guess for any digital learning to be implemented successfully in any country, the government of the day actually plays a pivotal role....gone are the days where we attend workshops for individual benefits, rather a more holistic approach is the current trend now, especially one as such as OER that we are utilizing.

In Fiji, a national day set for OER development will work because many educators will get a chance to learn, become more aware and make maximum use of this learning platform. It is a form of networking that will open up extensive opportunities to digital learning for our students today.

In Fiji, teachers have profoundly engaged in digital technology in their teaching and learning, especially in this pandemic. However, OER has still along way to go, and I believe, it needs to begin from the policy and curriculum makers to be effective in the learning process. It is an exciting process, and I guess, now would be the perfect opportunity to be initiated here in Fiji.

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