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@kenesi56804 Definitely, it would be great to have a national day dedicated to OER. I am of the view that this day should be used to showcase the output/resources that teachers have put together over a period of time. Moreover, there needs to be a systematic approach to develop/adapt OERs as not everyone needs to focus on the same content. This will save time and ensure a broader coverage and better quality output. Afterwards, it could be compiled as a single resource and distributed.

Did you know that COL has created a space where OER can be uploaded and shared for each Commonwealth Pacific Island Country? Here is the link to the Fiji site as an example:
If you click through to "subject", you will see that OER can be mapped by national administrators to any subject in the school curriculum. COL will progressively help national administrators in each country to customise their national OER collection.

Even when teachers use the same textbook, they each use and supplement it in somewhat different ways. We are all different. I may be very good at teaching fractions and developing supplementary materials for that topic but my colleague may be particularly good at teaching trigonometry. If we swap resources both our classes can benefit. I have been sharing most of my content since about 2008 - it has brought me in contact with a lot more educators than my non open work.

Looking forward to sharing OER developing in the Pacific Region for use in the Pacific Region through DS4OERS

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