today i tried annotating and its really easy. Now when i will read something i don't always have to google for meanings n stuff i might just find it in the annotation page 💚

i just learned mastodon is an open source social network and that there can be different mastodon. This is something new so i thought i should share about it

so finally my blog is public,
i used blogger instead of wordpress this time and this is the link

Hello everyone, i have just finished my very first blog and i am sharing its link here. Please visit and share your opinion about it in the comment section

Been busy with some stuff and now i think i am quite behind the schedule. But i am on it now and i will try my best to keep up with pace

this is me doing the challenge, while reading about it. The photo is taken around 7 in the morning, I am from India and we use the 12 hour clock here. what format is used in your country?

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hi everyone i just joined and to be very honest i was going to join and was suggested so i joined it n i am liking it.

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