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The word "capitalism" means such different things to different people that it's useless for communication, as highlighted by the contradictory responses to so-called .

I was prompted today to write a short account of the time I was fortunate enough to meet South African anti-Apartheid activist and musician .

Holy crap, season 5 of is off the chain! I just saw the fourth episode and more jaw dropping moments happened in that hour than on a whole season of most shows.

Speaking of , sure, I can understand why they're planning 58 new shows to get people to sign up for Disney+, but how is it that none of them star Bill Burr? πŸ€”

If someone has to say "I'm just asking questions!" it's because they know full well they're deliberately asking leading questions.

Hey, could I ask you for a favour?
I used to write flash fiction regularly, once upon a time, and I'd like to get back into it.
It might be a great help with motivation if some people went and read stuff on my website and left a comment? pls?

After I upgraded my MacOS version, LibreOffice wouldn't start. Now I know why. And now I think it's time I switched my MacBook Air to .

Tin foil hat time: I can't help but wonder whether the FTC lawsuit to is at least in part the system's response to Libra's challenge to the hegemony of the U.S. dollar.

πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ A majority of MEPs voted yesterday in the LIBE Committee in favour of a general monitoring our private messages. Why this denunciation machine is disastrous for the protection of our privacy:


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Given how much pure fresh water flows into the sea from , as fresh water becomes more of a scarce resource around the world, there's the opportunity for it to become an important export industry.

I'm no fan of centralized commercial social networks, but giving politicians the power to block them is a cure far worse than the disease.

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