@cypnk Avoid the news, period. If something historic happens, you'll know.

@whiterabbit I was reading that anonymous article today about Tether, and I was like, okay, bad, yes, but how is that meaningfully different from fractional reserve banking?

@detondev Tbh it's been a while since I was there. I don't suppose they have categories by topic so you can zero in on things that are likely to interest you?

@nvk If you need a precedent, there's a saying in Dominica that "Tourism is everyone's business!"

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that @PINE64 is releasing a Mobian Community Edition of the #pinephone! This is a major milestone for our project, which started less than a year ago as a way to bring Debian to this
mobile device!
10$ of each device sold will be donated to @mobian. See more soon about this on our blog at

@Zachary_BTC @nvk @pete @alanturing @jb55

I'm not on BH.o but would like to follow people in who are active in the Fediverse. So if someone could let me know where you all end up so I can troll the new instance for people to follow, I'd appreciate it. :-)

@nvk It does beget the question why people go where they know full well they're unwanted.


@cypnk I'm guessing that Impeachment 2: Electoral Boogaloo dies pretty quickly in the Senate. The Republicans don't want it, and the Biden Administration won't want his first hundred days to be overshadowed by it.

@ssl Unlike Parler, a decentralized Fediverse means that individual instances do not need to go with the largest hosting companies, but can work with smaller ones, and varied ones. That helps a lot, I think.

So if you want an accessible introduction to #SurveillanceCapitalism, watch Parks and Recreation Season 7 Episode 5: Gryzzlbox

I’m amazed. Whoever wrote that was spot on.

Please boost if it’s okay to befriend you, ask questions, ask for advice, rant, vent, let something off your chest, or just have a nice chat.

Amazon Alternative (Bulk supplies) and retro 90s web 

I used to order a bunch of vegan dry goods from Amazon, and most were supplied by a company called Barry Farm.

Turns out their non-Amazon web store is an amazingly retro perl-powered CGI script. It's a thing of beauty, complete with bare minimum javascript and heavily-dithered graphical elements.

Looking for interesting conversations on the Fediverse?

βœ… The Fediverse has some favourite hashtags that get used regularly. Here are a few:

#DogsOfMastodon - People posting pictures of their good bois

#FF & #FollowFriday - Recommended follows

#Florespondence - Plants and flowers

#Introduction & #Introductions - People new to the Fediverse

#MastoArt - Artists on the Fediverse

#NP & #NowPlaying - Music tracks currently listened to

Post replies if you have more tags to recommend πŸ‘

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