@indixotic Yeah, I've been meaning to get the bird off my phone. I use the Mastodon crossposter and what I post now originates here, not there, so I'm well on the way.

But I hear you about data concerns.

@penguin42 @ColinTheMathmo Similarly, despite what the Toto song would have you believe, Kilimanjaro is not visible from Serengeti National Park.

@indixotic You won't regret it. In January I deleted the main FB app off my phone. I didn't delete my FB account, and I didn't delete their Messaging app from my phone, just the main phone app. Even with that one step I was amazed how much of my time I reclaimed.

"No one is forced to use Facebook" 

@sandyman @cstanhope I'm with you guys. Even the most antisocial social networks are stickier than we'd like.

For example, my 85 year old mom posts to FB and it would be exceedingly difficult to transition her to something else. "Sorry, Mom, go open!" isn't really an option.

But I can say that I spend *much* less time on centralized commercial social networks than I used to.

(Although I'll admit that I wish there were a equivalent to .)

@portpupper Moreover, English has already used "Latin" for generations as a gender neutral term for this.

@sir Thanks for saying that. To my great and undying annoyance libertarians are often confused for conservatives, so I feel your pain.

Also, for the record, Black lives matter, and no human is illegal.

@jvmarcebuche My first year at university I studied music composition, specifically voice and piano. That was [mumble] years ago, but I still love to make music!

@mala To me part of this depends on what people mean when they use the word "capitalism". Does it mean an actual free market? Does it mean the crony corporatism we have now? Is it just a lazy synonym for "anything leftists dislike"?

For this reason, I basically try to avoid it altogether.

"Peter Oborne on Julian Assange: Future generations of journalists will not forgive us if we do not fight extradition #FreePress #FreeAssange"

h/t :birdsite: @wikileaks

On Sept 7th (today in CEST), #Assange will have his next hearing in his extradition case.

You may not like the guy, but what is being done to him is an utter disgrace.
And if he's extradited and thus convicted, no journalist on earth will be able to do their job anymore.
No War Log, no Panama Papers etc

"I didn't mind university in the least. I just found some professors harder to teach than others." - James Peron

@HamDancer I haven't seen any of those things, but it's entirely possible I just don't pay the LP that much attention. Which anti-propertarian caucus and anti-individualist movement do you mean?

@stragu I could joke that only one country is advanced enough to use Freedom Units... but the twin truths are that our date format makes no sense and the metric system is objectively better.

I may have disagreed with David Graeber on quite a few things, but he clearly cared deeply about the well-being of others, and I'm always especially sad when we lose someone like that, particularly when it's so untimely. RIP.

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