@richdecibels "Believe those who are seeking the truth; doubt those who find it." - Andrรฉ Gide

Does anyone know a AMD processor + AMD graphics card laptop that comes without Windows and can recommend?

I need a laptop with USB-C with charging and Display Port.

(please boost)

@strypey Genre afficionados had many fewer options 30 years ago! But in a way that's good, because it meant The Next Generation got a second season it didn't really deserve, and thus had the long runway it needed to become a great show.

@strypey I generally agree, although different students have different needs, so some can absorb material on their own and others should have that personal experience.

As for Schmidt holding strong opinions about education, my reaction is the same as when Bill Gates does, to remember the scene in Justice League where the Flash asks Batman his superpower, and he responds, "I'm rich."

NEW: Meet the Tor Community portal! blog.torproject.org/community-

Tor's Community portal is home to info and resources for you, the people who make Tor possible.

What used to be buried, scattered across our website, and outdated is now organized, refreshed, and easy to use.

If you have a page that dynamically loads content when you get to the bottom, why the hell would you put a bar underneath with privacy, contact, etc. links when can never be reached unless you've loaded all the content there is to load?

@libreoffice I think multiple answers would be helpful, since I use it both for work and at home. Thanks for all your great work, by the way.

@vickysteeves This is what it's like to be an educational technologist and hear academics constantly blithely announce that online learning is substandard.

I'm like, "*Yours* is, maybe, but the mode of instruction has been shown effective by voluminous research done by your colleagues."

@toast .biz should go first. I can't remember ever seeing a legit site using it.

@Alamantus "Most lucrative for our shareholders" doesn't fit in a dropdown. ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ

@salixlucida I was just having a conversation with @ink_slinger wondering why there aren't more cooperatives making competing apps to Uber and AirBnB. Add this to the list!

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