I have to admit, that declassified footage that people say means that is interesting. Any knowledgeable people have insight?

On seeing this my Canadian girlfriend got wide-eyed and said, "No! That's not us! We'd never do that!" and as an American that just made it even funnier for me. 🍁

Especially while remaining socially isolated, it's important to remember that there's more to than just hard work.

You may laugh, but book paper would be better than the Scott toilet paper that's always the last brand left in a crisis.

I'm greatly enjoying ! Especially given the important of the Romulans to the story, I hope there's a reference to Commander Tomalak as a nod to the late great Andreas Katsulas whose performance helped define them as formidable and interesting adversaries.

Finally saw Episode IX last night. It reminded me of Flight of the Phoenix, because to my pleasant surprise it was something that actually flew despite being fashioned from the wreckage of what came before it. Good job, Jar-Jar Abrams!

Sadly, I'll go ahead and predict that one of the lessons of will be that if you have the money and political connects that @amazon@twitter.com and @jbgsmith@twitter.com have, you actually can make "fetch" happen.

TNE in HE is about collaboration, not neo-colonialism, writes Robert Coelen, director of the Centre for Internationalisation of Education at the University of Groningen:


Given that OERu is a positive example of , and , , and even cooperation, I thought it might be found interesting.

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