Happy 24th birthday to my firstborn, Duncan, who once made waves in school by filling out a self-identification form in this unorthodox manner.

Just a reminder that Harriet Tubman was a total badass, and when she does finally get on the $20 bill she should look like this.

The bad news: frost is coming and I have all these tomatoes that are still green.

The good news: I also have a salsa verde recipe.

TIL that when my daughter was a girl she heard the name "Mia Khalifa" from somewhere and thought it was pretty, so she named one of her Pokemon characters "Mia Cleffa".

I have to admit, that declassified footage that people say means that is interesting. Any knowledgeable people have insight?

On seeing this my Canadian girlfriend got wide-eyed and said, "No! That's not us! We'd never do that!" and as an American that just made it even funnier for me. 🍁

Especially while remaining socially isolated, it's important to remember that there's more to than just hard work.

You may laugh, but book paper would be better than the Scott toilet paper that's always the last brand left in a crisis.

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