I'd been planning to get rid of Chrome for a while, and Mozilla finally pushed me to do so -- by sending me a fundraising email so out of touch that in a fit of pique I installed Brave.


@corbin given your browser related travails this evening this may amuse you.

@stevefoerster Brave Browser is gross. A few months ago it was found to be injecting its own referral codes into URLs: androidpolice.com/2020/06/07/b

Also the co-founder is the guy who was kicked out of Mozilla for being homophobic!

@corbin OMG, no, that is not what I had in mind. Well, I'm glad I tagged you, and now... back to the drawing board.🤔

@stevefoerster Firefox is still the way to go for privacy, IMO. Besides that, I haven't heard anything bad about Vivaldi, and I think there are some community-made PPAs to get a non-Snap Chromium on Ubuntu

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