"Online, there is no requirement of proximity, which allows students to get instruction from the best teachers, no matter what school district they reside in."
- #EricSchmidt

Schmidt, like so many people, doesn't seem to understand that teaching is more like counselling than programming. It's more about facilitating learning than installing capabilities and pushing content. The younger the students, the more true that is.

I'm all for using tech to allow tertiary students to get lectures from the best lecturers. As well as serving students better, it frees up academics who are better researchers than lecturers to spend more time doing what they do best. But even then, I think students still need in-person tutorials to help them understand the lecture material more deeply, and remember it.


@strypey I generally agree, although different students have different needs, so some can absorb material on their own and others should have that personal experience.

As for Schmidt holding strong opinions about education, my reaction is the same as when Bill Gates does, to remember the scene in Justice League where the Flash asks Batman his superpower, and he responds, "I'm rich."

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