sick of librarians having to fight for their dues in larger interdisciplinary spaces

I get frustrated that we as librarians hear all the time that we need to "get out of our bubble" and then folks outside LIS are never told "hey maybe you should look at LIS scholarship about <LIS topic they are writing about without a single LIS citation>"


@vickysteeves This is what it's like to be an educational technologist and hear academics constantly blithely announce that online learning is substandard.

I'm like, "*Yours* is, maybe, but the mode of instruction has been shown effective by voluminous research done by your colleagues."

@stevefoerster ABSOLUTELY. I am trying to move a course online right now ( and it is SO HARD to understand what translates best to what "kind" of online thing (workshop, small video, etc.). Your work is hugely important and definitely undervalued!

I go back to this piece a lot when thinking about this:

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