Neoliberal Universal Basic Income (UBI):

- Give folks X amount a month
- Remove the social safety net (free healthcare, etc.) “because now there’s UBI”

Progressive Universal Basic Income (UBI):

- Pay everyone a living wage
- Also keep the social safety net

Very different things.

@aral does a progressive UBI (“PUBI”) do anything to make sure your mincome doesn’t just get soaked up by landlords raising rent?


@garbados @aral You mean landlords responding to the inevitable inflation caused by a UBI? I suppose you could then put in price controls on rent. And after that figure out how to address the resulting housing shortages.

That's the problem with economics: when you mess with markets it leads to a "give a mouse a cookie" kind of situation.

That's not to say don't ever do it. I expect we'll end up with a UBI, and now sooner rather than later. But the consequences are predictable.

@stevefoerster @aral

> resulting housing shortages

there are already more empty homes than homeless people. they are just being hoarded by the rich.

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