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I have automated cross-platform posting set up, so you'll occasionally see links to centralised commercial social media platforms in my toots. But this isn't just another channel for me: I'm active here, like it here, and if you interact with me here, I'll respond here.

Moreover, once the Fediverse has a bit more critical mass, I plan to "reverse the polarity" so that this is the point of origin for my cross-platform posts. But so far most of the people I want to tag in stuff aren't here yet. πŸ€”

Kids, the internet used to be all about pictures of cats, and it was a lot better then. See what I mean?

Attention TV journalists: Next time you're interviewing voters in a diner, please ask them what they ordered and whether they'd recommend it to others. That information is far more useful to me than what they think of the impeachment proceedings.

if you do nothing else, live in a way that defies easy summary

"Privacy isn't about hiding bad things, but about protecting what defines us as human beings, who we are. Our day-to-day behavior, our personality, our fears, our relationships, and our vulnerabilities."

-- The Tor Project

Bloomberg's candidacy is inherently self-disqualifying, because it demonstrates that he's surrounded by yes men rather than people who will tell him hard truths, such as that no one wants him to run for president.

The next five weeks in are going to be insane in the membrane.

That is all.

Okay stores, I know you want to, and I guess I can handle it if you start now. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈπŸŽ„

I'm greatly looking forward to the Summit, and I'm a D.C. area native, so anyone who's coming from out of town please say hi!

FIJA is a cost effective organization that is helping preserve individual liberty in the jury box. They're in need of a new computer to continue this important work -- let's get them one!

Lazyweb: if I want to sell shirt designs, and I’d like it to be a teespring-like thing where the shirt won’t wear through in 3 months, the material isn’t sourced from somebody dumping trash in the ocean or working meth-addled children through 17 hour days and everyone involved is making something approximating a living wage, what shirt vendor do I want?

I'm very grateful for having had the opportunity recently to discuss New World University on The Score with Rick Sincere.

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