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It makes me sad to see that conferences of folks I once considered "my community", like linux.con.au, are only using proprietary centralised social media (from what I can see) and eschew distributed open media. I wonder what video conferencing system they'll use, and what back channels. I'm hopeful they'll use #FOSS technologies for that, but seems like a long shot. Most "open" communities seem too harried to actually us open tools. Which strikes lots of sour notes.

RIP, John Madden. I'm not a huge sports watcher, but I do have fond memories of watching gridiron football games on TV with my Mom and Coach Madden was always a fun and interesting commentator.

@stevefoerster It's unfortunate that so many "OER" initiatives do not adopt an open first philosophy using open tools aligned with the values they are purporting to achieve. One of the reasons I am not participating in the is because they have opted to prefer closed tools for the project 😞

It's interesting to me how so many people who seem to really hate Twitter and Facebook will tell you so... on Twitter and Facebook.

For example, Weiss and Solana both tweeted this, and not via a crossposter: bariweiss.substack.com/p/twitt

Geek alert - SQLite 

Does anyone have hints for finding ready-configured front-ends for SQLite databases?

I want to accumulate a personal database of English<>Italian vocabulary, grammatical forms and synonyms/antonyms. I'm unwilling to use a spreadsheet for this (hate 'em) so seem to be forced down the path of SQLite. Ouch.

I'm working in the MacOS ecosystem. And am not a programmer.

While I prefer the network on Mastodon, I find myself using it less due to the tooling and clients around it. This is especially true on my laptop where I do most work.

Can any of y’all recommend a solid desktop app for MacOS? I really don’t care to use the website and the ones I tried are all lacking majorly.

Every non-profit I've ever had any contact with whatsoever is helpfully reminding me this morning that it's . 🀨

The Reddit algorithm clearly doesn't know me as well as it thinks it does. πŸ˜†

Usually I wait on Christmas music until November 22, St. Cecilia's Day, patron of music. But a fellow chorister mentioned wanting to do a solo from The Messiah today, and I just broke down and started early with Handel's masterpiece.

It speaks very poorly of the mainstream Western news media that none of them reported on the .

On the passing of Colin Powell, RIP to all the Iraqis whose deaths were caused by a war on false pretenses that his lies helped come to pass.

Hey, some real talk: I’ve realized lately that I’ve been very burned out. It wasn’t from my coworkers or company, who are all awesome, but with the sheer amount of unpredictable work landing in my inbox every single day. Make a plan for the week? Hah, no! Here’s some stuff you have to deal with *right now*! Make a plan for the day? Oh look, all your coworkers are blocked doing stuff until you fix a thing! Make a plan for 5 minutes from now? β€œHey, got time for a quick Zoom?”

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