Congratulations to and the folks at for reaching their fundraising goals! And thanks for producing one of the most interesting education podcasts out there!

Degree skepticism is pretty common among the more cutting edge educators I follow on social media. Should it be?

While I've come the furthest to the Charter Oak State College holiday party, I'm also the first to arrive. β€” at Five Churches Brewing

#F-Droid is an open source ethical alternative to Google Play, and can be installed on most Android devices.

Unlike commercial app stores, apps on F-Droid are free, open source and privacy-friendly.

You can find out more at:

If you have any questions, you can follow their official account on here at:


#AlternativesAtoZ #Fdroid #DeleteGoogle #AppStores

Left: We can't allow that right-wing speaker on campus. It's a safety issue, after all.

Right: Snowflakes! Grow up and deal with someone who thinks and acts differently!

Also Right: We can't allow those immigrants in. It's a safety issue after all.

-- Steve Horwitz

hey yall, if you’re looking for ways to help after the hurricane, here are a couple things to note:
-sending cash doesn’t feel as good as sending stuff, but it’s actually much more effective
-local grassroots organizations have a better sense of the needs of communities than big NGOs
-before giving to a new charity, check their score on Charity Navigator
-the Red Cross is trash

your friendly neighborhood nonprofit worker

The privacy-friendly email and VPN provider Protonmail currently has 50% off its 2 year subscription plans:

(The offer ends soon as it was just meant for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday period.)

#Email #Privacy #VPN

I'm not uncharitable, but wow, I've gotten more spam on than I did for Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined. πŸ€”

My Mac updated and dropped an unwanted Apple News application onto my dock that apparently only aggregates mainstream media. No Fair Observer, no PanAm Post, no Asia Times, no Reason Magazine. Removed, needless to say.

TFW when Fenris is playing the piano, and I jokingly say, "Play it, Sam. Play As Time Goes By!" AND HE DOES.

Black Friday sale today with an amazing 20% off all our Librem laptops. These are our lowest pricing of the year and it's for one day only! The Librem laptops are your gateway to a better digital life. Be woke. #BlackFriday #DemandFreedom

#Calibre is a free open source eBook manager. You can use it to organise your eBook collection, edit eBooks and convert eBooks from one format to another:

It's available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

For advanced users, there's also a wide range of plugins which add extra features:

#AlternativesAtoZ #eBooks #eBook #Books #FOSS #FLOSS

Proposals now being accepted for the Cascadia Open Education Summit in Vancouver, BC, Canada, April 2019. See here for info & proposal form:


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