is a pretty neat interactive star map! And gives a clue as to what happened to our understanding of local space after Hipparcos.

We found a whole bunch of dim red dwarfs that lie between the brighter white/yellow/blue stars sort of like shrubbery between the tall trees in the forest.

I wonder what other dimmer, smaller objects there might be?

Government: Don't hoard!

Doctors: Go to the supermarket as infrequently as possible!

Supermarkets: Limit one per customer!

So tbh at this point I'm thinking the preppers were right. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

Jitsi is getting a lot of mentions here.

I wonder if people are aware of GNU Jami, a P2P solution.

Jami has end-to-end encryption while Jitsi is only encrypted during transit. The Jitsi server has your packets available in unencrypted form. If you can't trust a Jitsi server and need end-to-end encryption, Jami can be a good alternative.

#Jitsi #Jami #e2ee

Calling all teachers! LibreOffice is a great choice for schools and education – it's free and open source, compatible with Microsoft Office, and you don't have to worry about license fees, subscriptions or software audits. Learn more:

Hi all! This is a call to action for those who would like to help with their accessibility skills, or learn them while working on a not too complex web front-end. The quite popular Jitsi Meet web frontend has some accessibility issues which are preventing people with disabilities like me to participate in many meetings. These issues are low-hanging fruit. So if you would like to to do something good that really helps a lot of people and has big impact, hereβ€˜s the issue:

Great article from InsideHigherEd with advice useful not only to those in academia on how to make use of this time to keep up with professional networking:

A nondescript blue police box pulses into view, accompanied by a thrumbing noise.

The doors opens, out steps David Tennant, some sort of sonic device in hand, wearing a mask and nitrile gloves.

"I'm a doctor from WHO," he says. "Wash your hands." He aims the sonic device at the camera, and it activates. The screen fades to a WHO handwashing demonstration.

Holy moly what an amazing website.

I'm gunna go out and watch 40+ satellites cruising overhead tonight


⚠️ PSA to all Germans ⚠️

Starting tomorrow, Telekom and Telefonica will hand over your phone's movement data to the government and other authorities.

It is opt-out, not opt-in!

Deactivate ASAP.

Telekom: optout-service.telekom-dienste


"Okay, here's the scenario. You are a crew member on a starship."
"Space travel is slow, you'll be stuck with your crewmates a long time."
"So we must get along."
"Yes. Communicate, listen, share limited resources."
"I can do that. What's the starship called?"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Did you know that Mozilla is collecting a public domain dataset of annotated speech? This will help develop open source voice-controlled programs. The Common Voice project still needs volunteers both to donate their voice, and to validate other people's recordings.


I just validated a bunch of recordings (English and German) and am happy to report that there are now quite a few female speakers donating.

I just made a 1000€ #donation to #Framasoft.

They offer #FreeSoftware solutions without #SurveillanceCapitalism for just about everything.

Since the #SocialDistancing started I made two videocalls with their #Jitsi instance and that saved me from feeling completely isolated. Unfortunately free telecommunication services are completely overloaded atm, but that's why it's so important to #DonateToFreeSoftware projects, especially right now.

Thanks @Framasoft ❀️

If you write me an email consisting entirely of one sentence paragraphs, I will immediately discount you as a salesperson, and an uninventive one at that. Just write like a normal person, FFS.

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