I'm still a bit confused with compatibility of CC licences. Can someone tell me if CC BY is compatible with CC BY-NC-SA and explain why it is or not. Would appreciate a response.

In Fiji, I think that the following could be done to promote OER nationally - the development of OER should be captured in every teacher's job descriptions, the education ministry should draw up a policy on OERS and establish a section in the curriculum development unit to look after, manage and facilitate training for teachers on the OER process and oversee that resources are developed effectively

In Fiji, recognizing teachers' contributions to OER development through certifications and in the resources [textbooks, teaching guides and pupils books, etc] developed will boost and motivate them. Supplying laptops and computers for teachers and monetary incentives will also motivate them to participate in sharing OER

In Fiji, a national day dedicated to OER development will work because time away from teaching for a day will enable teachers to focus and maximize time on developing resources. It allows teachers to discuss and pool in their ideas and develop better OER's not forgetting that they will be learning from each other in the process. With the covid pandemic disrupting and closing schools, there is a great need to dedicate a day to OER development

In Fiji, I think it would take about 4 to 5 years to generate OERS for the full curriculum

This is just the second day for me at and already I am overwhelmed by gratitude to thoughtful friends in my life who pointed me in this direction. I readily took the challenge because I know that I will be able to effectively prepare for my virtual lessons to another level. Also, I have always wanted to develop and create resources for children [and maybe adults] and this course has opened that door for me!

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