Hi everyone,

I have just been allowed to enter this space.

@s95007810 Welcome here to our corner on Mastodon. Don't forget to upload your avatar image and edit your display name here: mastodon.oeru.org/settings/pro - As an open website, all educators participating in are most welcome to join the conversation ;-)

I am a dummy in this kind of technology. Please clarify an avatar image and header. I have not been successful in this lately.

@s95007810 That's alright Ambrose - we are here to help. Avatar refers to the tiny picture that represents you on social media sites. If you go to the preferences page here on Mastodon, you will find a button to upload your avatar image: mastodon.oeru.org/settings/pro



Hi I think I have managed to get something that looks like an avatar. You can it appearing with my post.

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