TED talk very good on radicalising education. Couldn't keep up with notes as I type slowly!
Prefer something like mind mapping tool for visual outline of notes tbh!
link to TED talk on radicalising education. Need to be able to type fast to keep up!! Simplenote has no real way of formating your notes e.g., all words or sentences so, not easy to make key words jump out. Mindmapping tool would be much better.

I'm learning more about the contexts for OER and OEP from these two books. The language can be confusing (e.g., acronyms), and I need to get a grip of the whole teaching and learning landscape of OER. Also looking at videos of Stephen Downes (I love!). #lida101photo

Enjoyed the PLN mapping challenge. It's got me thinking more about my online presence

This is probably a stupid question, but how do I access other blogs?

😭 Just realised you can get different emojis 👌

@Wilsie85 Found your blog using the link! Readheaded and feisty Ha!

Oh thanks for that @Mackwg
Anxiety at my incompetence atm

My name is Thuli and I am new on Mastodon. I recently signed up for one of ORU's courses- . I am thrilled about learning strategies on learning in the digital age as I know this will enhance my teaching and refine practice.

Just learning about the differences between digital skills and digital literacies. Reading about digital competencies and seeing the potential and importance of digital literacy for myself and students

I'm looking to register my blog. Could take hours!!!😀

Trying to get a grip on technology 😆 is hard work. Wish I was here.

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