I too love music and nature...
Not too great at social media use...
South Indian!!

Hi Wayne
Have published my mini copyright case on my blog.
Look forward to your feedback!

Hello! What course are you doing?
I am workinf througj at my own pace.

Hi Wayne. Good to be back learning although this is much tougher than .
Where do I upload the case study challenge? In a blog ?
Working on is an Indian Case Study...Is that alright?

@Steven123 Thanks ! Sure you will be right on top of the course under Wayne's guidance.
Best of luck!

@mackiwg I just did the online quiz and was delighted to score 100%!!
Thanks so much for your encouragement and timely tips.....It has been a really enjoyable journey although mind-boggling at times.
I plan to do another course on OERU, probably on curriculum.

@mackiwg Thanks for the tip. I read through the course feed and the and finally understood! Have labelled all the relevant posts.

What is an anti-spam question? I tried several like How many days a week? etc..
I am unable to get into OERu Bookmarks? I keep getting Antispam answer not valid.

I am working on the assignment Steps to prevent cyber bullying in schools. Where do I send it?

Have finally enrolled and got declared my blog url in the course site..😂

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@mackiwg Finally got in!
I am now looking for the "Username >> Enrolled" now to copy and paste my blog url...

I have finally created a blog using Blogger. I have linked it to
Is that the right thing to do?

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