Hi Wayne. Just a query. Can interested colleagues of mine join the course at this time or is it too late?

Can you guess what this image is? You won’t find this in the desert (Image by Mark Heard –CC-BY-NC 2.0 Generic).

Teaching is both a vocation and a profession because you have earned a qualification to perform your role as a teacher and you have gained the necessary knowledge and skills in your respective field to train others. :ds4oers

Hi Wayne. I their a guideline on how to use password manager? I tried but not successful on the first attempt.

Dear Wayne. Is there any guideline on how to use password manager? I tried but not successful at first.

My take-home message is that Common Creative licenses or any license for that matter gives due recognition to the author or authors. This is why it is important to have the right combination of licenses so that the authors are given the recognition they deserve

At the same time, everyone will be blessed with the work of others and to have a grateful heart to acknowledge them. Through this blessing, everyone becomes a blessing to others by sharing their resources. This is what I consider fairness and reasonableness.

In Fiji, I think that creating awareness is the best way to promote OER as many people do not know what is OER and its importance in our lives. By knowing the principles of OER, it will motivate people to develop online resources and enhance their knowledge by effectively utilizing OER.

In Fiji, a national day dedicated to OER development will work because one of the driving pillars in the People's Charter is to make Fiji a knowledge-based society. This augurs well with the OER development Day which is good for awareness. Through awareness, this emphasize the importance of OER and encourage everyone to share their resources with no restrictions attached. I think this is the way forward if we are to promote and share OER .

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