@mackiwg @lightweight okay, i have developed a new and more important question ... can you point me to the precise location (or best location) where the importance of having both back end Free Software and front-end Open Education is explicitly argued for, or given a rational for, in your body of resources ... I have found in bits in pieces, but I'm gathering you have a standard location that you send folks to in order to address this connection that causes "radical" openness ???

@oemb1905 @mackiwg Not sure if we have any secific writing on that... I've written a lot about the topic of "why open", though, like: and for starters. Wayne might be able to point to something more specific to the OERu context...

@oemb1905 @lightweight Unfortunately, to the best of my knowledge, this is not a topic that has been explicitly argued for or covered in the mainstream research publications. To date the "movements" of OER, Open Access and FOSS have been working in their own silos. Perhaps this is a maturation thing and conversations across the silos will improve over time.

@mackiwg @lightweight I think this is a "high-need" area in education (especially primary and secondary), and this is what the latter half of my life will be dedicated towards ... i will try to polish up some of my papers and start releasing them under GPDL on my website ... this is the most urgent need ... a person to get ahold of may be ruben rodriguez from trisquel and fsf - online

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