@mackiwg @lightweight what are some of the major open educational resource conferences ... ones that are radically Free, that is ... ? can you point me in the right direction ... ?

@oemb1905 @mackiwg @lightweight not aware of any that are radically free... except our annual OERu partner meetings...

@oemb1905 - @lightweight is right - Not many that are radically free. In the US there's the OpenEd annual conference - this year in Phoenix AZ:
The Open Education Global Conference is in Italy this year: - But these conference don't have a FOSS focus.

@mackiwg @lightweight do you allow "though partners" to attend your annual OERu partner meetings? ;0 I would love to audit and/or sit in ... and observe/watch. I understand if not appropriate ... Wayne - thanks for the OpenEd and OEGC links (helpful, and also confirms concerns which Dave addressed) ...

@oemb1905 @lightweight As an open organisation, observers are welcome to attend the OERu partners meeting. This year where hosted by DCU in Dublin:

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