@lightweight @mackiwg so I just had positive discussions with a city up north of here and we warmly received on our concept for setting up a cowork and colearn, now the hard work begins - I have navigated the resources you sent Wayne, but was wanting to include David in the loop - basically, I have two weeks to pitch hardware, software, needs, etc., and specifically I want to piggy back off of your model (or use directly) and need help with user accounts / log in auth etc.? ideas/help?

@oemb1905 @lightweight Cool - that sounds promising. Piggybacking our Wiki --> WordPress publishing model is easy. You could author content on WikiEducator - I would recommend that you host your own WP instance for course sites using the OERu theme. Not sure if this answers your question?

@mackiwg @lightweight This is a solid start for me and gives me two concrete and convergent directions to begin with - 1) wikieducator authorship 2) oeru theme ... only other question ... i don't want to 'mom and pop' this if possible ... how do I tap into your infrastructure or begin that discussion of if/cost/how etc.? we are in first stages, but we have multiple partners and/or want to set up a testing environment for clients ... am i thinking of this incorrectly?

@oemb1905 @mackiwg you'd probably be pretty surprised to find out how inexpensive it would be to replicate our entire stack :)

@lightweight @mackiwg I was referring to the cost of bringing your exact stack out here - as you - not me implementing it, which I am already working on! ;)

@oemb1905 @mackiwg ah, well replicating it for you wouldn't be too hard... hopefully I've documented most of it on (by the way, you can call me Dave :) ).

@lightweight @mackiwg Can you point me to best starting place for that? Thanks "Dave" ;)

@oemb1905 @mackiwg Well, depends on what parts of our stack you're wanting to implement... Which components are of interest?

@lightweight @mackiwg We will need a similar form of authentication and manner of pointing learners towards courses/offerings at a host of institutions ... mainly how to manage the users and course sign ups for course directions and management ... i am guessing that the front-end software side of things will be easier once I have that on place ... we may also be forced to partner with the city (pinching nose) with some type of radius server and directory mgt that all that ties into

@oemb1905 @mackiwg for what it's worth, one of my "todo" items is proper Single Sign-on for our services. For the moment, we're using WordPress as the main learner directory/identity management.

@lightweight @mackiwg you answered my question here ... this makes sense ... i can do that, but problem is the "City" I am working with might want AD integration ...

@oemb1905 @mackiwg AD is a horrible horrible thing and should be approached with torches, pitchforks, and wooden stakes. It's MSFT's primary lockin tool and using it is a ticket to technology oblivion (at the very least: permanent hostage status). :)

@lightweight @mackiwg I know! But this goes back to when/how and when not to pinch the nose ... they are worried about QoS ... hearing how/what you do to thwart these forces is /would be helpful ... there is a worker there who i know from a previous IT inst., and of course, typical proprietary bias ... we draw the line, but we also want to reach learners in need ... a delicate balance! I was thinking a squid server for users ... but just using WP might be enough from sounds of it!

@oemb1905 @mackiwg in my experience, most "enterprise" IT people don't have the foggiest idea of what they're doing. They do proprietary because they don't know any better.

@lightweight @mackiwg exactly his solution for everything is an aruba AP radius server stack ! kills me ... okay off the grid for 2-3 more later

@oemb1905 @mackiwg rule number 1 for being "good at IT": never ever read marketing material. If it's got marketing material, that simply confirms you don't need it... and if you want it, it also confirms that there's something better and cheaper that does the same thing but is open source and therefore unmarketed.

@lightweight @mackiwg but I am also interested in simply becoming a partner and having your offerings - as you - offered through our cowork colearn portal ... maybe i need to read more? feel free to direct me ... i am worried about duplication and mom and pop efforts on my end ... maybe i don't understand how your replication model works?

@oemb1905 @lightweight Perhaps best to arrange a web call to throw around ideas. We provide free hosting of oeru courses sites for member institutions ($4K per year) but with your skills set their could be other permutations.

@mackiwg @lightweight that would be great to discuss indeed ... and the price is appealing and I recall that figure from David's democratizing video now that you mention it ...

@oemb1905 @mackiwg @lightweight and we've managed to bring our costs down since then, too... quite substantially.

@mackiwg @oemb1905 @lightweight I think a chat would make sense to better understand what you're wanting to achieve.

@lightweight @mackiwg @lightweight my kids and I are leaving our public library now and i will be "dark" for about 2-3 hours, but let's discuss again soon ... my email is if that is useful ... it has pgp on mit if needed or required

@oemb1905 @lightweight @lightweight - Ping us later - my diary is flexible today and can jump in on a web call if that suites. Dave - how bout you?

@mackiwg @oemb1905 @lightweight yep, have a few appointments today, but can probably fit it in...

@lightweight @mackiwg @lightweight let's shoot for 8pm Mountain Time over in the States ... i will dial back in then ... jmh

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