i grew up on appleIIE/macLC475 and later G3/4s, but by 2004 was trying ubuntu and bsd, took until 2014/16 to fully switch (homebrew and mac's fake open source sucked me in for some time!) ... still run kids haacking club with kids who are now seniors and began with me in 8th grade while still teaching sec ... the journey! @mackiwg

@oemb1905 I made the switch to leading an "ethical" IT life in 2006. Having tried a few distros settled on Ubuntu (given my South African origins). It's been an interesting but educative journey working within organizations that are not open-first when it comes to tech. Chat soon.

@mackiwg nice - I use Debian exclusively now but started with Ubuntu and freeBSD (before they went anti-GPL) ... yes, let's kit Wayne - great connecting sir ;)

@oemb1905 A friend of Debian is a friend of mine! Yep - I share your sentiments with Ubuntu's less than free choices.

@mackiwg ubuntu is necessary for the ecosystem, they pinch the nose for graphics and state of the art kernel development and things beyond me ... a good gateway for kids as long as they maintain their position on the spectrum ... there is a danger (far off) of them becoming eerily similar to macOS, but not at present ...

@oemb1905 - I see the risk an continue to keep an eye on the landscape. I will avoid the Unity issue for now. Hey - must run now, enjoyed today's conversation. cya.

@oemb1905 Wow, it sounds like you and Charlie Reisinger would have a few things to discuss (see if you're not sure what I'm talking about)... maybe you already know (of) him? @mackiwg

@oemb1905 @mackiwg For what it's worth, I'm trying to set up a pilot of The Open School House here in Christchurch, NZ, but not enough people grasp it yet.

@lightweight @mackiwg when i finish my Ed.D., I am considering a charter school founded on open principles ... and on principles ... i think the key for me will be keeping it small enrollment and low budget ... modeling for others with only those whom are interested at first, with the idea to draw those outside the fold by example later ...

@lightweight @mackiwg I am reading Open Schoolhouse now and yes, this is the direction I am heading - amazing work he has begun here

@oemb1905 @mackiwg I need to get Charlie onto Mastodon (or find out where he is, if he's already on it somewhere...)

@lightweight @oemb1905 @mackiwg
I'm happy to report that Dave successfully convinced me to try Mastodon. Hello. :)

The water in the fediverse is fine! @charlie3 @oemb1905 @mackiwg Perhaps Mastodon is a platform you could set up a Penn Manor (I can assist, I run a few) to test the social media waters in relative safety? Our Learning in a Digital Age course (see ) might be a great fit for some of your advanced high schoolers...

@lightweight @oemb1905 @mackiwg
It's certainly something I may explore. We're been using Mattermost for student comms but I see how this could platform could be useful.

@charlie3 @oemb1905 @mackiwg Mattermost is great, although I think it serves a different set of use cases from Mastodon.

@charlie3 @lightweight @oemb1905 Yes the DM platforms like Mattermost and Rocket.Chat are great tools. That said I find that they don't scale well from a UX perspective for large courses with more than 20 or 30 learners in a channel. At OERu cohorts can be in the hundreds resulting in too much noise.

@mackiwg @charlie3 @lightweight I just set up for my student haacking club and really liked it - snappy, libre/gratis, but had lots of trouble with the sounds and alerts so i switched to nextcloud, however, nextcloud requires a proprietary library for alerts and won't work on my lineage phone, but at least works with my famiies/students who don't have lineage phones yet and just need reliable alerts ... if you or David know of alert issue on rocket let me know!

@mackiwg @charlie3 @lightweight Nextcloud's "Talk" app in particular is what my club and my OLA partnership use

@oemb1905 @mackiwg @charlie3 huh, I haven't noticed any issues with alerts or notifications... Push notifications are always tricky, because they depend on Google Play or on people installing a particular app...

@lightweight @mackiwg @charlie3 are you using Stock Android or Lineage ... We use all Lineage so with Nextcloud everything works but not notifications ... just couldnt get any sounds/alerts to work on any platform ... the nextcloud issue is specifically tied to proprietary libraries ... not sure what caused my issues, but I could spin it back up and let you look at it ... ? let me know

@oemb1905 @mackiwg @charlie3 I run Lineage, but I have a nano gapps install to provide push notifications

@lightweight @mackiwg @charlie3 yeah, makes sense ... unfortunately, cdma lineage on the MOTO Play is a pain, so won't consider that until I redo it next ...

@mackiwg @charlie3 @lightweight I thought I sent this earlier but looks like my internet crapped out - anyway, I set up recently for my student haacking club, but had no luck getting sounds/alerts to work, likely because of a proprietary dependency ... i switched to Nextcloud "Talk" which has a similar prop dependency but at least functions and works with relaying information to students ...

Hi @charlie3 Welcome to our corner of the Internet - Glad Dave convinced you to join the conversation! @lightweight @oemb1905

@mackiwg @lightweight @oemb1905
Nice to meet you. I have no idea how to use this yet so please pardon my temporary ineptitude!

@charlie3 @lightweight @mackiwg hi charlie! great book i am working through ... glad to be here with all of you! ;)

@charlie3 @oemb1905 @mackiwg I've got a second copy here on my desk, to gift the local public library...

@charlie3 @oemb1905 @mackiwg my first copy is stuck in the office of a local highschool principal who's since resigned, so I have to explain the situation to his successor... Could be interesting.

@charlie3 @lightweight @mackiwg finishing up my Ed.D. at present and trying to have my research reflect the open design model ... may be interested in starting a charter here in NM using open principles such as those discussed in your book

@oemb1905 @charlie3 @mackiwg out of curiosity, is it not possible to do it within the public school system? Here in NZ not many look favourably upon the charter school model due to its propensity to being captured by proprietary interests leading to exclusion rather than inclusion...

@lightweight @charlie3 @mackiwg in the sate of New Mexico, where I live, private charter schools are illegal (1) and, secondly, all technological infrastructure is mandated from the top down ... many friends in those departments are friends ... but hardly any usage of any Free Software ... which would be essential ...

@oemb1905 @lightweight @mackiwg
I'd be happy to jump on a call to share notes. My schedule will open up in mid-September. We're at the height of our busy season and working to open school in two weeks.

@charlie3 @lightweight @mackiwg i will reach out then and after deeper reading will be good too

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