@oemb1905 Enjoyed reading your reflection, and look forward to seeing your blog post's harvested in the syndicated course feed soon!. You can read more about our blog feed harvester here: course.oeru.org/support/studyi

@mackiwg Thank you - I found a few mistakes at the bottom and I revised it a bit ... also, I look forward to syndicating this - can this be done now?

@mackiwg never mind - i see that it requires me to be enrolled and that is a few days off so i will wait ... ty

@oemb1905 - Yep the syndication requires rego on the course site. No rush - but I thought you would find this interesting given your tech background and those touting the death of RSS ;-)

@mackiwg yes, always found that interesting ... just like education, which i have been involved with much longer (taught secondary for 11 years too) ... I find that technology workers are just as susceptible to fads and the polarization flip-flop ... having a guiding philosophy to frame one's work, such as but not exclusive to Free Software, is a piece of avoiding this false binary ... i really enjoy the News app on Nextcloud and use now for my RSS

@oemb1905 I trained as a secondary school teacher before migrating to HE - many years ago. 😂 We run an OERu Nextcloud instance - but haven't tried the News app yet. Keen to give this a spin - would be relatively easy to generate an RSS feed of all OERu blogs we harvest having one place to view activity across our "federation" @lightweight - we should give this a try.

@mackiwg @lightweight requires a switch from Ajax to Cron for config.php (as www-data user) ... no other issue other than that ... year, i do miss secondary students (emphasis students), but i love teaching math/cs at the community college ... been 5-6 years now ... everyone forgets the 18+ers ... my main IT work is at schaeferconsulting.com which is a heavily Free Software influenced IT company out here that my colleague runs and I split my time between that and higher ed teaching now ...

@oemb1905 @lightweight Nice - you have found a meaningful balance between the calling to teach infused with a healthy dose of plus the postgraduate work to avoid distraction 😇

@mackiwg @lightweight indeed, that's the idea ... can you explain that to my family now? (lol) ... i found that teaching without application and side growth became a bit stale ...

@oemb1905 @lightweight - Yep, I've been blessed with an understanding family. Kids all grown up now - but learned to navigate the school system with no non-free software at home growing up. Builds character!

@mackiwg @lightweight have my own 5/7 year olds too, who run Debian systems ... (groan: an iPads still - next up, build them Lineage tablets like my lineage phone with no GAPS)

@oemb1905 @lightweight Cool! I won't go into my stories where my kids had homework marked as "not-submitted" because the teacher did not know how to access open file formats - but in your case, the parent is well informed to approach that discussion with the school authorities ;-)

@mackiwg @lightweight yes, they return to public school this year and I will be refusing their chromebook and spyware ... more work, but I will be patient

@oemb1905 @lightweight Its important that we educate with patience - in the long run, most educators are wired to understand the issues. (well most of them ;-))

@mackiwg @lightweight yeah, that's right ... i am working on a cowork/colearn with some partners and its tough, but i have to pinch the nose at times, and plug what i can ... discussing boundaries and what's "too far" is important ...

@oemb1905 @lightweight Judging the discussion boundaries is a fine art. I've found as I get older - I get better at pinching the nose.

@oemb1905 most people's "Overton Window" for technology is vanishingly narrow... Part of our job is to help expand it... @mackiwg en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Overton_

@lightweight @mackiwg The overton window is a new concept for me - i will look up the original work and read it - ty

@oemb1905 hah! Yeah, my 7 and 10 year olds both happily run Chromebooks (Acer Chromebook 14s are truly miraculous for < $200) and run Linux via Crouton to be able to play Minecraft (*slight eyeroll*). But it has the beneficial side effect of making them feel a bit 1337 :) @mackiwg

@lightweight @mackiwg my intellectual beef is not with the chromebook hardware per se ... of course, if i could install crouton on it that would be fine, but our district is 1to1 and locks down development mode, and uses a mobile device management server to monitor all their work, including Go Go Guardian (sp?) to monitor their usage on site ... I will be having my students bring in some lightweight old acers with debian when they get to that age ... (next year for oldest) ...

@oemb1905 @mackiwg I'm not generally a fan of Chromebooks as a concept, esp the cut down keyboard... but some of the hardware is remarkable for the price... I've been pondering whether a managed OS solution (which would be better for primary schools) could be built on the ChromiumOS (on which ChromeOS is built) rather than Google's version...

@lightweight @mackiwg i know a charter out here that used "cloud ready" instead of chromeOS, but i never checked its licensing rigorously ... have you? i agree on the hardware completely

@lightweight @mackiwg it is a chromeOS clone ... not sure about license though not my thing

@oemb1905 @lightweight @mackiwg huh, will have to look into it.. haven't heard of it. (I do know quite a bit about licensing, although IANAL :) )

@mackiwg Wayne, I syndicated my blog/website and posted a test ... where should I be looking for this syndication to appear? I received no errors while adding the feed, etc. - but unclear where to look.

@mackiwg i see it now, i guess it just had a slight delay before syndicating ... missed it before i ran out ... ty

@oemb1905 Great- yep the blog scanner only runs about every half-hour so there can be a delay before tagged posts appear in the feed.

@oemb1905 @mackiwg Wow - great to read your thoughtful post and hear that our writing has been of interest! We'd love to work with you and others you're in contact with to expand on these open education ideas... I think it's safe to say that the staff of the OER Foundation (Wayne and I are both part of the Foundation, which helps to facilitate the OERu and manages its technology stack) are committed to open principles. And it's gratifying to find others who understand its value! Thanks.

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