@mackiwg are you using all Free Software to power the website, etc? Also - how can we - besides your great article in "Open" - help expand educational leader's understanding of open education to include open licensing, free software, etc.? Is legislation and lobbying the route? The benefits of freedom - both in terms of ethics and cost, are essential ... I am working on dissertation at UNM and want to address this head on ...

@oemb1905 - Our entire tech infrastructure is powered by free software as a matter of principle. See for more info on our tech stack. Our mission at the OERF is to help organizations to "open source" HigherEd. Top down policy change would help - but unlikely in the short term for most parts of the world. Our approach is one of leading by example. Its a slow burn model.

@mackiwg that's great, and I expected as much from your awesome article in Open ... slow burn is my concern ... as cases of data compromising mount (Pearson recently), the need for an auditable an open code base for LMS and learning infrastructure becomes more pressing - thanks for responding ... is there a way to get invovled or volunteer ... besides working on your ideas and concept in my Ed.D. work?

@oemb1905 Totally agree. We don't use an LMS (by design) - Our approach is to promote learning on the Internet (rather than via a single app like an LMS). This post summarizes our FOSS component based ecosystem:

@mackiwg That's a helpful perspective ... I keep getting sucked into Moodle as a FOSS LMS, but something felt restrictive - not the software, but the design - this is good information ... nevertheless, as propietary offerings like Kujabi rise, LMS has a role - like WP-Tonic and WordPress ... ... more germane to me practically as I help design a co-work co-learn here in SF ... interesting and great resource - ty

@oemb1905 Yep - I can see the value of LMSs for organisations (and we host our own Moodle instance). In the OERu context - where all content is accessible without need to create an account - we are less dependent on the "management" requirements of an LMS.

@mackiwg I understand ... a both/and narrative as is so common - yes, I still use Moodle too, and it is restrictive, but that convergence can be helpful for early learners and youth, or that type of learner ... nice balancing ...

@oemb1905 Hey - If you wanna get a feel for an OERu course - we have a cohort offering for "Learning in a Digital Age" starting on 7 August - Feel free to join us as learner and volunteer supporter:

@mackiwg I will do this - perfect. Thanks for suggesting ... fits with my Ed.D. work side of things ...

@oemb1905 Cool! I'd be interest to hear your thoughts and feedback on the experience. Will see you online!

@mackiwg I registered for Open education, copyright and open licensing in a digital world (LIDA103) - thanks again - this is of most interest to me as I prepare to do my dissertation - I am using r with qualitative package on my own instance and trying to convert MATLAB code to Octave for earlier research ... a big slog ... but worth it, because I cannot write about educational Access and Equity without living it! Thanks Wayne!

@oemb1905 Nice one! We must walk the talk to ensure inclusive education for all without requiring learners to sacrifice their freedoms ;-)

@oemb1905 - Take a peek at those resource links I shared. We'd be happy to schedule a web call at a convenient time to figure out how we can help each other.

@mackiwg indeed, looking now ... this is essential to some practical and educational work I am doing ... will read up more and develop some more questions ... ty for responding - great information/discussion

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