Today, our community college math department met ... and I was asked to share out some thoughts on digital learning. Overall, I break down the approaches into synchronous and asynchronous learning approaches ... read my full set of musings here: @lightweight @mackiwg

This is the first in a series of posts about free schooling. In short, free schooling refers to an informal association of educational leaders and students that agree to the free schooling credo. Read on for more information:

Happy to report that the Haacking Club will be competing in the Cyber Patriot National Defense competition again this year, but unlike previous years, the club is now competing directly under Haack's Networking as the sponsoring academic organization. This is the first milestone in what we hope will be many more for this academic organization, including a potential partnership with the OERu to offer these youngsters micro-credentialing @lightweight @mackiwg

@lightweight @mackiwg I mentioned this before but I just re-realized this answers my earlier question - THIS IS the explicit Free Software and OERu publication here. Again, great work ... more on this later ...

@mackiwg @lightweight okay, i have developed a new and more important question ... can you point me to the precise location (or best location) where the importance of having both back end Free Software and front-end Open Education is explicitly argued for, or given a rational for, in your body of resources ... I have found in bits in pieces, but I'm gathering you have a standard location that you send folks to in order to address this connection that causes "radical" openness ???

@mackiwg @lightweight This past year I was homeschooling my kids and taking care of my wife - the Haacking Club I run took time off, but we started meeting again this past Spring ... Now that my wife is stable, I have kicked off a new website and level of energy here, and will definitely use OERu toolchain to develop courses ... here is the new website, including mission, safe space, and more - feedback welcome ... haackingclub.haacksnetworking.

@mackiwg @lightweight must have parsed the syntax incorrectly, none of my menu links work

@mackiwg @lightweight - it is a small beginning ... basically, time to build (borrow) mediawiki syntax and get a course that fits my needs built up ... need to look into buttons for interaction, completion, grades (formative feedback that is), and so on ... appreciated

@mackiwg @lightweight what are some of the major open educational resource conferences ... ones that are radically Free, that is ... ? can you point me in the right direction ... ?

@mackiwg @lightweight It just occurred to me that I can leverage wikieducator to turn all of my student's haacking club tutorials here: into open classes on my OERu WP here: and essentially open my own, independent, libre/gratis course offerings in a much more formal manner ... ty again

@mackiwg @lightweight one thing that stood out was your use of the term "tertiary education" instead of "higher" - i rather like this and will adopt it henceforward

@lightweight @mackiwg so I just had positive discussions with a city up north of here and we warmly received on our concept for setting up a cowork and colearn, now the hard work begins - I have navigated the resources you sent Wayne, but was wanting to include David in the loop - basically, I have two weeks to pitch hardware, software, needs, etc., and specifically I want to piggy back off of your model (or use directly) and need help with user accounts / log in auth etc.? ideas/help?

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I get frustrated when people in industries who could benefit hugely from better use of tech bemoan the inequity in tech (I agree!) but justify their own inaction & non-participation (or defend persisting with crappy corporate proprietary software that tramples their interests) by saying adapting & learning is "too hard"... It especially bugs me to hear educators say this... sure, learning *is* hard. If it was easy... we wouldn't need educators. Get involved now to make it easier for others!

i grew up on appleIIE/macLC475 and later G3/4s, but by 2004 was trying ubuntu and bsd, took until 2014/16 to fully switch (homebrew and mac's fake open source sucked me in for some time!) ... still run kids haacking club with kids who are now seniors and began with me in 8th grade while still teaching sec ... the journey! @mackiwg

@mackiwg are you using all Free Software to power the website, etc? Also - how can we - besides your great article in "Open" - help expand educational leader's understanding of open education to include open licensing, free software, etc.? Is legislation and lobbying the route? The benefits of freedom - both in terms of ethics and cost, are essential ... I am working on dissertation at UNM and want to address this head on ...

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