Thanks CoL and partners for facilitating the course. It helped consolidate existing knowledge, especially CC licences.

Thanks also for the introduction to all the software i.e. Audacity, LibreOffice & OpenShot. Time is an issue, but once materials have been produced they are of benefit to many for a long time.

Thanks also you you Wayne for taking the time to reply to all of our queries. All the best.

anyone else having issues with the Image Remix challenge. I've downloaded LibreOffice but there is no 'Modify' menu. According to Google, it should be next to the Tools menu. Here's what I see...

In Fiji, there's still a lot of work to do on connectivity. Covid has shown us that there are still a lot of staff and students either relying on paper resources or trekking for hours up hills to get connected. There are plenty of creative educators and hungry students out there to 'create and consume', but if we have to rely upon tech 'to serve the meal', then learners are going to starve.

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