@mackiwg And it's an ever-shifting landscape; this map may look different a year from now!

@mien My colleague @lightweight recently posted a comparison of the number of floppies for the equivalent of a 512GB SD card. Interesting read: mastodon.nzoss.nz/@lightweight

@mackiwg I used to charge $20 per term paper in high school - should've charged by the hour!

@mackiwg I still hear the dot-matrix printer when my dog snores!

Using this platform got me thinking more about data privacy and why I decided to kill my FB account. Here's a cool article I found that mentions Mastodon:


@blackthorn Not quite Rodin, but I'm sure the artist(s) had him in mind as inspiration.

@mien Niagra Falls are spectacular. I was lucky enough to see them from the Canadian side in 2017.

Just got back home from a trip to upstate NY. Never got to see Niagara Falls when I was a kid living in the City. Check that off the Bucket List!

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