@mien My colleague @lightweight recently posted a comparison of the number of floppies for the equivalent of a 512GB SD card. Interesting read: mastodon.nzoss.nz/@lightweight

Using this platform got me thinking more about data privacy and why I decided to kill my FB account. Here's a cool article I found that mentions Mastodon:


@mien Niagra Falls are spectacular. I was lucky enough to see them from the Canadian side in 2017.

Just got back home from a trip to upstate NY. Never got to see Niagara Falls when I was a kid living in the City. Check that off the Bucket List!

Seeing Mt. St. Helen's from the air makes it no less imposing. One can almost see all the dead logs blasted to one end of Spirit Lake. A subtle reminder of the awesome power of nature!

I'm now just getting my head wrapped around what to do for the course on LIDA, but I'm stoked nonetheless! It's forcing me to re-tool my blogging experience and finding my "voice". I'm looking forward to this experience!

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