I am happy to see many of my compatriots embracing this course. I am sure you will learn lots of new things here. All we need is commitment and dedication. Thank you Wayne for supporting us in this learning journey.

@mackiwg Yeah I am back. And I will come back for the remaining mini-courses by His grace. You have really been a great motivator. πŸ‘

@maruff Share the good news with colleagues and learners in Nigeria - we would like to share the gift of learning with everyone!

@mackiwg Yeah I am back. And I will come back for the remaining mini-courses by His grace. You have really been a great motivator. πŸ‘

@maruff Welcome again πŸ˜‚ Great to see you participating in Enjoy the course!

I have gone beyond learning tooting on mastodon, having completed LiDA103 recently, but I still have to do the activity required in . So, I am tooting right now.

@mackiwg It has been really a stimulating experience, made possible by God and with your words of encouragement. I never knew I could do it. I almost backed out, especially when I had some health challenges. But you kept on telling me to persevere and it paid off.

I enrolled. I participated. And I get certificated as a competent individual in Copyright and Creative Common Licencing. It has been a wonderful and impactful experience. I am enrolling for LiDA 101 straightaway.

@dimit09 Big Congratulations to you. We are coming behind. It has been a great pleasure coming across you in this course.

Within three days I joined OERu course, I am becoming better exposed, informed, and skilled. Now I know the real meaning and features of OERs and discover mastodon as a pedagogical tool. I can create personal blog and website, etc. I will explore the opportunity to create effective networking. I will introduce the course to colleagues. The experience has been superb!

Option 4 among the definitions of OERs is the most comprehensive of all. It captures all necessary features of OERs according to David. It emphasises reuse, remix, reproduce, and redistribute.

@dimit09 Another words of encouragement here! Thank you. Can you please avail me your blog's URL? Let me visit and view yours too... πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚. I am really hoping to get the best out of this course. Let keep exchanging ideas! Let's keep moving!

@dimit09 Haaa.... You must be kidding me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I am 100% novice in this type of learning. But big thanks to Mackiwg for pushing me with words of encouragement. I have learnt and still learning from your submissions too. Let's keep the temp going. Thank you

@mackiwg Thank you for your encouragement and motivation. I had done it successfully.

@maruff Thanks, I’m still learning and grad to here you can manage all the things.

@sonal_1978 I like your spirit. I am open to collaboration and networking.

@sukamon Hello. I hope you are getting the direction right now. With persistence, you will get it. I just got through in all the various platforms for discussing and networking as we progress in the course.

@dimit09 Thank you for the encouragement. I have really started gaining from this course.

I have saved Mastodon on my screen for easier access and communication. I enjoin others who might have not done such to do so.

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