I enrolled. I participated. And I get certificated as a competent individual in Copyright and Creative Common Licencing. It has been a wonderful and impactful experience. I am enrolling for LiDA 101 straightaway.

Within three days I joined OERu course, I am becoming better exposed, informed, and skilled. Now I know the real meaning and features of OERs and discover mastodon as a pedagogical tool. I can create personal blog and website, etc. I will explore the opportunity to create effective networking. I will introduce the course to colleagues. The experience has been superb!

Option 4 among the definitions of OERs is the most comprehensive of all. It captures all necessary features of OERs according to David. It emphasises reuse, remix, reproduce, and redistribute.

I was able to create my blog but still having issues like assigning the url of my blog feed to account.
Please, I need help in this regard

I am a learning-teacher and I join because I want to learn OER.
I hope someone will guide further in the use of hashtag.

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