Within three days I joined OERu course, I am becoming better exposed, informed, and skilled. Now I know the real meaning and features of OERs and discover mastodon as a pedagogical tool. I can create personal blog and website, etc. I will explore the opportunity to create effective networking. I will introduce the course to colleagues. The experience has been superb!

@maruff Maruff - thanks for taking the time to provide feedback on the value of your learning on . You are most welcome to share the course link with colleauges. Perhaps your institution would like to join the OERu? Institutions in Nigeria can join for free as OERu Outreach Partners. For more info see:

@maruff I agree with you too. Even in the initial sessions this course is turning our to be an eye opener and thought provoking as well...

Hi Rashgro - Pleased to hear that you find thought provoking. Enjoy the rest of your learning journey with us! @rashmig @maruff

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