Thanks for support. Now I am able to understand open education, copy rights and applying creative common licences. Also, thanks for free competency test.

Had 5 days FDP (arranged by college) on how to use Moodle platform. So, I am bit slow in copyrights. After taking pretest, I came to know my knowledge on copyrights is zero. I believe after i complete learning i'll have some understanding on copyrights.

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Wanna master the OERu platform? and learners may find this webinar recording useful in learning about our technologies:

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I have really struggled LIDA101 photo challenge but finally i have made it.
There i was working on the WordPress blog

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Activity is based on Textbook Tweet

Support OER, think eco-friendly. 👈

Book lovers visit this website:

It has over 60,000 free eBooks
No fee or registration
No special apps needed

"open licensing isn't just about saving money its about learning from each other"

Started today's learning with Stephen Downes video:

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Hi. I joined the course to gain knowledge on open education practices and utilize it in my teaching career.

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