We invite all learners to certify your competency in copyright for free. You get a badge as well :-). (Yes I passed the test πŸ˜„) There is a pretest you can try before attempting the competency test: course.oeru.org/lida103/course

@strypey - Unfortunately, not yet but would love to see the addition of an OERu micro-course on FOSS licensing. Perhaps something that could be developed as a community initiative?

@mackiwg Prompted by your words of motivation, I share my certificate and badge here. Thank you for all your efforts in facilitating us from various parts of the world to achieve this.

@uma Congratulations on your achievement. Share a copy of your certificate as an image attachment to celebrate and encourage others to achieve. πŸ‘

@israelk Sending Durbs πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦ greetings from πŸ‡³πŸ‡Ώ. You're demonstrating good Mastodon and tagging skills.

@Mkhumi You will achieve great things with this attitude towards learning. Good luck with

@sumaiyasaqib Its now 3.07pm in πŸ‡³πŸ‡Ώ and thanks for sharing your . I would say the majority of Kiwis use the 12 hour clock, but the 24 hour clock is used on occasion in more formal communications, eg international events, the military etc.

@sumaiyasaqib My next guess was going to be a Bengal tiger cub - but see that others have got the correct answer πŸ˜‚

@eanlee A boost will re-share the toot with your followers. If you come across a Toot you like - you can "Boost" it by sharing. You can create lists by adding users in relation to topics, for example a list of LiDA103 learners you want to follow.

Greetings @DelMartian and @George Welcome to our OERu instance of Mastodon. Don't forget to edit your display names and upload an avatar image here: mastodon.oeru.org/settings/pro

@eanlee Ean - thanks for reporting the dead link. That website changed the page location without implementing redirects. Should be fixed now!

@satwant Welcome to our social media site here on Mastodon supporting the course. Tip. Don't use a space between the "#" and the code. This is how you should use the hashtag:

@catherine19 Well said Catherine. Democractisation of knowledge in education will go a long way to ensuring the change I would like to see ;-).

@PBARB I agree with your recommendation. Tip: Remember that if you wan't your Toot to be harvested for the course feed, add the hashtag: . If you forget - Mastodon has a handy "Delete and re-draft" option to fix typos and add forgotten hashtags ;-) Click on the "Three dots" below your Toot.

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