We invite all learners to certify your competency in copyright for free. You get a badge as well :-). (Yes I passed the test πŸ˜„) There is a pretest you can try before attempting the competency test: course.oeru.org/lida103/course

learners - FYI here is the spread of course site visitors per continent for the current cohort and ranked as follow:
1. Asia
2. Africa
3. Americas
4. Europe
5. Oceania.

global course picking up steam. Our course website is working hard to provide free learning opportunities.

Wanna master the basics of & Creative Commons licensing? Online course starts in a week. Sign up today: oer.nz/icdelida103-0320 It's free and in partnership with COL & ICDE, supported by partners: Open Education Global and UNESCO IITE.

Earn a Certificate of Competency in Copyright and Creative Commons licensing. Signup today: oer.nz/icdelida103-0320 Its free, and open source.

Share the gift of knowledge and complete our short survey: oer.nz/oer4covidsurvey Help us to prioritise needs for educators to smooth the transition to online learning. Thanks to @Downes and @lightweight for quick review to get this published.

Wanna master the basics of and Creative Commons licensing? Open course starts 6 May 2020. Earn a certificate of competence for free. Reserve your seat here: oer.nz/icdelida103-0320 In partnership with COL & ICDE

OERu joins forces with COL, UNESCO (IITE) and ICDE to establish an support group to assist institutions transitioning to online learning during the crisis. Please join our support group: oer4covid.oeru.org/

Can't wait to get our copyright game on with Mandy from Tohatoha in Dunedin! coep.nz/timetable/event/releas Tertiary Educators - come join us at the national symposium. Register today: oer.nz/coep19

Happy Monday! Join us in shaping open education futures in New Zealand. Registrations now open for our national symposium. Please share the gift of knowledge: oer.nz/coep19symp

OERu is excited to partner with the 2019 World Conference on Online Learning and ICDE to offer a special cohort of our FREE online course "Open Education, Copyright and Open Licensing in a Digital Age" commencing 7 October 2019. Reserve your seat today: oer.nz/wcol2019

Learning in a Digital Age online micro-courses start tomorrow! Its free, open source and . Join us or share the gift of knowledge: oer.nz/lida2019 .

❗Spolier Allert - Answer❗ 

Can you guess what this image is?
(Image my Pattymooney - CC-BY-SA)

Seeding activity for OERu Learning in a Digital Age course.

Can you guess what this image is?
(Image by Kevin Dooley, CC-BY)

Seeding activity for OERu Learning in a Digital Age course.

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