This is an amazing achievement! Thank you @mackiwg , @lightweight and everyone at the OER Foundation and OERu (any official fedi account?) for making the world better.

> Over the past few months, the OER Foundation has been working closely with [the Samoan Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture (MESC)] and the UNESCO Office for the Pacific States to select and support [FOSS] tools for adoption by [the MESC innovative Lifelong Learning Lab (MiLLL), the Soifua A’oa’oina], while building the capacity of MESC staff to self-host this open infrastructure. MESC selected and deployed a number of FOSS applications for their customised version of [the OER Foundation’s FOSS Digital Learning Ecosystem (FOSSDLE)], including [BigBlueButton, WordPress Multisite, Mastodon, Discourse, Moodle and Vaultwarden]


Thanks @clacke

We are working hard to build FOSS infrastructure to support educators from Pacific Small Island Developing States - Looking to leverage platform cooperativism for shared FOSS infrastructure. Small steps.


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