My employer, a tertiary academic institution, has short-sightedly thrown its chips in with Microsoft. To request leave via the institution's system, I have to use a Microsoft Live login. I consider it an incredible insult that my employer requires me to accept a dependence on (and sacrifice my data to) that unethical digital colonialist corporation. I have already expressed my disgust to them. They're not informed or principled enough to understand.


@lightweight Correction - Your employer doesn't require that. It's the shareholder of the non-profit organization that employs you who provides HR "support" & donate financial services in lieu of membership fees. Not ideal, but the organization that employees you does not permit employees to use non-free software as a matter of policy πŸ˜‚

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@mackiwg thank you very much for the clarification :) - that seems somewhat less onerous. :)

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