@mackiwg @stephenharlow Hi Stephen, I followed you, but had to look you up outside mastadon to find out anything about you- Decided if Wayne followed you, you might be interesting. You might find you meet/find likeminded people if you put a tiny tagline/info or do a first toot and use #introduction (setting has to be made public for that to be searchable)

@lauraritchie @stephenharlow Laura - Stephen is part of the elearning family here in New Zealand and look forward to conversations in the Mastodon sphere πŸ˜‰

@cogdog @mackiwg @lauraritchie Thanks for the endorsement Alan. I have fond memories of both Hobart and the PirateBox.

@lauraritchie @stephenharlow It's still a great feeling when I see connections like this across the fedverse - We're connecting via different servers / instances without reliance on the Bird site. Off to prepare evening tea.

@mackiwg @stephenharlow So. Much. More. Peaceful.

and you know, the other day I missed someone's toot, and then found it a day later when someone else commented, and I found it because I was interested in them, not because it was a fire hose or displayed because of an algorithm.

It's more like a patch of forest here, where different plants spring up, seasonally, and you can find amazing things if you have the patience and perception to look.

@lauraritchie @stephenharlow I like the seasonality of this forest. A community garden with real connections among like minded folk.

@lauraritchie Thanks for the follow and the advice Laura. I've fleshed out my profile now 😊

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