University of Tasmania is starting development on a new micro course - Complementary Medicine Today . Looking forward to seeing more OER goodness from our Tasmania!

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@mackiwg can you explain to me the difference between medicin and complementary medicin? Yes, that's a trap.

@duncan_lithgow Good question - I don't know the answer. I guess we will find out when the course materials have been published.

@mackiwg I have a suggestion. 'Complementary' medicin is therapies that not been shown to work. Therapies that show themselves to work are (or become) just regular medicin.

@duncan_lithgow Thanks for your suggestion - I'm not an authority in this space and see your point about "medicine" that works is "medicine" - Let's wait and see what the University of Tasmania means by the concept.

@mackiwg are you avoiding expressing an opinion? I got the impression from your original post that you supported the course being startede up. 'Complementary' medicine practitioners include people who cause genuine harm. So I'm curious why reasonably people support it being taught at a tertiary level.

@duncan_lithgow I'm not side stepping an opinion - I haven't seen the course materials so I don't know what they are planning to cover - I suspect that a leading research university will be focusing on evidence-based knowledge so health professionals can provide better advice - see for example: This seems to be a reasonable approach to me.

@mackiwg it's just that evidence based knowledge in healthcare is called medicin. On their website thay mention naturopath. What makes them unique is witchcraft (homeopathy, chakras...) , the rest is either real medicin (over the counter pain killers, supplements...) or common sense (eat healthy, excercise...). Feel free to drop this conversation if you lose interest.

@mackiwg Excellent, I look forward to finding out more.

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