Getting exited for our international partners meeting later this year in Port Macquarie - hosted by Charles Sturt Uni.

@mackiwg Not sure if #cduni wants to join or not....will check with Alison Lockley.....most likely to be in this space. i’m interested in outcomes.

@wentale Happy to arrange an informal chat with you and Alison about OERu. At any rate, we welcome observers interested in learning more about the innovation partnership at our meetings. Not often we get the opportunity to come to OZ. As an open organisation - we also have ample opportunities for virtual participants to help shape our futures.

@mackiwg I'll check in with Alison and let you know.....when is it? and yes, interested in virtual attendance.

@wentale Okey Dokey. Virtual Participant registrations should be open soon - busy finalizing the meeting website as we speak. We can continue the conversation offline with Alison via my email: . Look forward to seeing you online during the meeting.

@wentale is scheduled for 7 and 8 November in Port Macquarie hosted by Charles Sturtevant Uni.

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