Pondering ... Why do advocates of open adorn their social media posts with proprietary gifs?

@Downes Eg OER advocates sourcing a custom all rights reserved gif image, say from giphy and using that instead of an openly licensed alternative.

You mean like this one? I've seen it around.

But here's the thing: IMO open isn't about licenses. I look at a site like Giphy and I take the *intent* to be to share and to reuse. Also, when I see this on a personal page or referenced in a chat, like this one, I'm thinking non-commercial personal and fair use.

The worst thing Creative Commons did, IMO, was to make it so we require permission to share. It brought commercial rules into private space.

@Downes Yep those are the examples I'm thinking of. In the case of Giphy - these gifs can be used legally (the site license permits it.) and you make a good point about fair use. I think my underlying niggle is the issue of using closed means to achieve open goals and how this applies to our use of social media.

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