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Look forward to welcoming colleagues from Asia e University this afternoon as they begin their journey.

Wanna learn about and Creative Commons? It's free, open source and good opportunity to explore 's . New cohort starts this week. Join us: oer.nz/lida103eoi

JIBC's Tannis Morgan keynote from Open Apereo "The Future of EdTech in Higher Education When Open Source is a Radical Solution" youtube.com/watch?v=SUQkIjc4bP

What is your favourite tool for interacting with fellow learners?

Grateful to those at the conference I'm attending who use the microphone instead of asking those of us with hearing difficulties to raise our hands if we can't hear. (& then half the time people speak up for a short period & then speak quietly again).

A gentle reminder that it's really not about whether one likes using the mic, or thinks one is loud enough w/o it, but rather about how one sounds to others, & there are lots of folks w/different levels of hearing out here!

Well well what do you know... boingboing.net/2019/06/03/peac and yes, agree with @doctorow 's initial note. Well done Michael Geist!

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This is certainly the smart move for S. Korea... omgubuntu.co.uk/2019/05/south- The last time they threatened to do this (with very good reason), Microsoft threatened to ban the sale of Windows... which showed SK how completely hostage they are to MSFT... Most other countries are similarly screwed due to poor strategic decision making: davelane.nz/new-zealand-depend


- Understanding Earth shaping.

New micro-course developed by the University of Tasmania.

Learn how humans shape our world, question your role in mass extinctions, reflect on your understanding of science and philosophy.

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@Downes - Aside from the "Approaching E-Learning 3.0" course - do you have a blog post or summary presentation summarizing the concept?

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Can you guess what this image is?
(Image my Pattymooney - CC-BY-SA)

Seeding activity for OERu Learning in a Digital Age course.

Can you guess what this image is?
(Image by Kevin Dooley, CC-BY)

Seeding activity for OERu Learning in a Digital Age course.

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