If you want to try our BigBlueButton instance, just go to bbb.nzoss.nz/b/dav-hm3-m7x in Chrome/Chromium/Firefox/Brave - no software install needed. It just works, even for bigger groups!

providers and IHEs: They’re not β€œMicroMasters” or β€œMicroBachelors” or β€œnanodegrees” or β€œmini-MBA”, they’re certificate programs. Enough BS β€” and I don’t mean Bachelor of Science.

HANDY TIP FOR LEARNERS: On the Mastodon site, click on the hashtag to see all Toots tagged with the course code. Here you can reply to TOOTs and find fellow learners to follow (click on the username then the follow link.)

Great to see all the good folks joining the course! Very auspicious for us all!

Right, releasing my latest OERu Techblog Post: How to run your own NextCloud 18 instance integrated with OnlyOffice - it's like having your very own Google Apps & Google Drive... without Google. tech.oeru.org/nextcloud-and-on

@mackiwg @stephenharlow So. Much. More. Peaceful.

and you know, the other day I missed someone's toot, and then found it a day later when someone else commented, and I found it because I was interested in them, not because it was a fire hose or displayed because of an algorithm.

It's more like a patch of forest here, where different plants spring up, seasonally, and you can find amazing things if you have the patience and perception to look.

If you noticed that my newsletter is a little short today, it's because I wrote a long post called 'Educational Research in Learning Technology'. I discuss the nature (and weaknesses) of research in our field. halfanhour.blogspot.com/2020/0 Thanks to Philip Kerr for the writing prompt.

Registration is now open for BC post-secondary folks to attend a one day H5P/Pressbooks workshop on Thursday May 14th in Vancouver, organized by BCcampus. Registration is limited to 30. Details on the event oet.sandcats.io/shared/vc-r3Ei and to register events.eply.com/2020H5PandPres

Impressed by the polish shown by a release candidate of 20.02 running on my Early exploration of the provided XFCE4 18.04.3 makes it look quite functional.

@chendricks @mackiwg Here's the full list of accessibility course. They are pretty much ready to go. We'll announce them in the next week or 2. oeru.org/web-accessibility

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