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Lately I've been reacquainting myself again with #FreeCAD after 20 months of barely using it. I was a little surprised to see that 0.19 still hasn't been released yet (its development had started when I left the community). I use the development builds. When using it just for a few minutes, I didn't notice many changes. But I've been using my 3D printer again, and I needed to design a few things I wanted to print.

There are huge improvements across the board.


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My Fellow Americans is Yuvraj Sing's open licensed (CC0) /name your price book tracing the histories of US presidential inaugural addresses; it reproduces each address along with a scholarly essay exploring its context.


The book has a companion podcast in which various people read each address aloud:



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Over the 15+ years I've been using GNU/Linux, there are many programs that have become second nature to me. As a hacker, I enjoy tinkering with my system---why use a desktop environment when I could do the same thing with 100s of programs and hand-written scripts...!?

Each day I feel up to it, I'll give thanks to a free/libre program that has made a positive impact on my life, from every corner of my operating system, with the hope that others will find them interesting too.


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Windows 10, S-mode (---) 

I just setup a new computer that comes with Windows 10. I was *shocked* at how in-your-face all the privacy violations are.

For starters, before it would even install you MUST login to a Microsoft account (and create a new one if you don't already have one). I saw no way to skip that step, AFAICT it wasn't possible at all.

Then it loads up and I try to install Chrome, but it won't let me. Why? Because it has something called "S-mode" which basically means...


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If you're looking for a #GooglePhotos alternative, Nextcloud Photos plus Nextcloud Maps (see where your pics are taken) and the Facerecognition app are a good step in the direction of privacy!

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To everyone joining right now:

Welcome to the fediverse. With your account on mastodon.online you get access to people from lots of other Mastodon servers (in fact, this message you're reading originates from mastodon.social!). You can follow people from these other servers and you can even move your account (incl. your followers) to another server. Beyond that server stuff the UI should be familiar enough, there's a lot of mobile apps.


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