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Pondering ... Why do advocates of open adorn their social media posts with proprietary gifs?

Ugh - that should be "we shouldn't be trying to make closed more palatable by sprinkling a little "open" sauce on it." I'm thinking things like the Linux subsystem in Windows 10 <- exactly the *wrong* direction to be heading.

We need to be open by default. We should be trying to make close more palatable by sprinkling a little open sauce on it. We should focus on principle: open first, and then, if necessary, spike it sparingly and temporarily with a bit of closed, but keep the preponderance open to make sure you don't capitulate to the dark side. Open just tastes better.

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My thoughts on the Linux subsystem on Windows 10... We should be moving incrementally towards more freedom, better ethics, and less centralised autocratic control, not away from it.

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Watching The Detectorists over dinner. My wife and boys are having sausages... cooked myself a venison Gulasch with Kartoffelknödel... yum. Not pretty, but yum.

Turns out open is sexy here in New Zealand... And how can you resist getting involved in a project that's building something called a "cacophonator"?

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One of the cool implications of people setting up their own Gitlab instances is that we might break the dominance of *English* in software development. This will empower other language speakers to create spaces for their cultures, and I'm excited to see what comes of it.

Ok, we're upgraded to Mastodon 2.4.0. Have fun in the fediverse everyone!

Hello all - just alerting you that this Mastodon site will be down for maintenance (an upgrade) in the coming hour or so.

If any of you have ever wondered what the "Open Source Technologist" at the OERu actually does... here're some insights :)

I'm also interested to see if works as a course tag :)

For the record, this hasn't been done yet (currently working on the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" approach).

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Hello students of ,
I am here as a volunteer facilitator in case you need non-technical help. I'm also here as a researcher to observe how this course works. You can find more info about my background and research here: Enjoy the course!

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Hi Dan, welcome to the OERu family on Mastodon. We're grateful for your generous gift of time to support the learning community.

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State of the Commons report just published in time for Timely resource for our course.

Just a heads up for everyone - I'll be doing an upgrade of this Mastodon instance (at in the next day or so, so the site will be down for a few minutes (and perhaps a bit longer).

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If you're into working with humans, free software & cryptography, and you love the idea of helping news organizations break their biggest stories based on submissions by whistleblowers, you may want to come work with me! New opening at Freedom of the Press Foundation just went up - boosts appreciated:

#nonprofitjobs #securedrop

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This makes me angry:

I run my own mail server in a VPS. Its IP address is NOT blacklisted, and I have both SPF and DKIM properly configured. I do NOT send bulk mail.

But still, Gmail classifies my personal emails as SPAM.

Same email with same exactly same contents, sent through PoBox SMTP server goes to INBOX. Directly from VPS, goes to SPAM. No explanations, no public blacklist. It looks like they just don't want people going "indie". Sigh.

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whipped up some Creative Commons emoji for mastodon! Images taken from the CC downloads page here >

:cc: the Creative Commons icon
:cc_by: Attribute work
:cc_sa: Share Alike
:cc_remix: Allow remixing
:cc_share: Share
:cc_nd: No Derivatives
:cc_ncus: Non-Commercial Dollar
:cc_nceu: Non-Commercial Euro
:cc_ncjp: Non-Commercial Yen
:cc_pd: Public Domain
:cc_zero: Creative Commons Zero

Learn how to use the licenses here!

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