@ronzbonz there's no cohort operating currently, but there will be one before long. In the meantime, you're welcome to review the materials and even go through the course as an independent learner.

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#LibreOffice is a privacy-friendly free open alternative to Microsoft Office. It's a suite of apps including a word processor, spreadsheet editor, presentation app, database editor, drawing app and maths formula editor.

It's compatible with all major document formats including Microsoft.

You can download it for Windows, Mac and Linux from the official website:


#AlternativesAtoZ #DeleteMicrosoft #Word #Excel #PowerPoint #WordProcessing #Spreadsheets

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Sneak preview. Very excited to launch Outreach Partnership Programme in the new year. Institutions in the developing world will be able to join OERu for free! See: oer.nz/outreach

Ok, so looks like you can only debug Javascript on iOS if you have *both* an iDevice *and* a MacOS computer to plug it into (so you can enable Safari's Develop menu)... Yes, Apple, you comprehensively suck. (I own no Apple devices, but borrowed an iPad from a friend to do some debugging).

@clintlalonde @lightweight that's very kind (and gratifying to hear)... And of course all of it is thanks to the great work of a bunch of dedicated, capable open source communities!

Here's a bit of an expose on the OERu's technology infrastructure... tech.oeru.org/2018-update-oeru It's all and exists to make more accessible around the world.

@Downes @mackiwg yes, of course, file based sites become exponentially more inefficient as the volume of content grows (vs. RDBMS-backed sites) but I suspect most sites are below the threshold of content volume where things blow up for content-related joins (and things like site search are abstracted out with nice tools that compile their own specialised indices). Fwiw, I believe Grav is built with the Symfony component ecosystem and adheres to its conventions.

@Downes @mackiwg in other words, for most implementations of industrial strength web platforms like WordPress & Drupal, we tend towards cracking a nut with a sledge hammer :) The real beauty of Grav (getgrav.org) is that it stores everything in files as markdown or yml and all of it can transparently be committed in Git (via the gitsync plugins) - and in addition, grav supports user-level "revisions" of content which are more user-friendly than using git directly

@Downes @mackiwg for what it's worth, Grav is very very fast (my Docker-based deployment includes Redis for page and page component-level caching) for most sites (which tend to be small, i.e. tens to hundreds of bits of content), namely smaller than (this is informed speculation on my part ) thousands of bits of content and similar numbers of interactive users.

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Exemplary presentation by ambassador @thatpsychprof at UN headquarters during . Thanks for the shout-out for the work is doing: oer.nz/1w

@Downes @mackiwg @lightweight me too, to be honest :) I haven't really tested that well yet (as I didn't have any test blogs with a JSON feed... Perhaps we could assemble a set of diverse test cases... I should write some sw tests)

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The real price of Free and Open Source Software is an implicit commitment to take responsibility for - and an active role in shaping - one's own digital destiny. One would hope people would do that regardless. Sadly, to date, the evidence suggests otherwise.

I think this is worth watching for folks doing Lida courses. youtube.com/watch?v=upu0gwGi4F (there're some challenging concepts and perhaps language depending on your sensibilities, but it's worth it).

A view over the Canterbury plains, South Island, New Zealand from one of my pre-work rides up the hill...

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If you're not one of the 0.001% of the population who truly get Git (I'm not), you should watch this if you want your mind gently bent in (not always) pleasant ways: youtube.com/watch?v=1ffBJ4sVUb If nothing else, this offers an amazing metaphor for how the universe can achieve such amazing complexity, beauty, and depravity from a few simple, remarkably elegant rules (and nothing else) :)

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@thinkMoult @mackiwg @aral everything we do is FOSS or OER (CC licensed). On the tech side: tech.oeru.org & github.com/oeru (moving to our own Gitlab soonish), on the academic side: oeru.org (see course.oeru.org/lida101 for an example course)

@aral - read your Reclaiming RSS post with interest! At the OERu, we're making active use of RSS (& Atom), and have just built a tool to help people find useful feeds on their own (or others') blogs... course.oeru.org/blog-feed-find - the code: github.com/oeru/blog-feed-find (will be moving to our own gitlab in the coming weeks) @mackiwg

@becky excellent! That's what the course exists to provide!

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@radionz@twitter.com I note that you often interview lawyers on air, and often they give their opinions. Lawyers, in addition to being people, are great actors on behalf of their paying clients... and in many cases will assert things they don't personally agree with believe in support of their client's position. I've never heard an RNZ interviewer ask a lawyer to disclose whether a stated position is their own or on behalf of a client. We need to get better at highlighting conflicts of interest.

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