My current to do list: 

@ajroach42 good luck! I've got a similar but perhaps slightly less intimidating list myself.

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Campaigners force Shell to halt oil exploration on South African coast - great win, let's hope it can be sustained... shame on @Shell

@downey in short, it's federated event management (using ActivityPub, I believe) and it's mission is to make Facebook events redundant.

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@downey Yeah, that's too bad. For what it's worth, I just set up a Mobilizon instance last night. Quite straightforward. Will write up a tutorial on

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La version française du cours débute le 17 novembre - Inscrivez-vous aujourd'hui :

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Bicycles are kind of an obnoxious technology in that they set your bar for how capable other tech should be wayyyyy to high.

In every metric bicycles are unrealistically good

1) Bicycles can double the top speed of a human easily, even if the operator isn't especially good at biking

2) Bicycles require absurdly little maintenance per mile

3) Bicycles are so prevalent that old bicycles barely hold any value even if they function perfectly

4) Bicycles are tough as shit for the most part

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Pressure works:

> "Facebook is extremely thinly staffed ... and this is because there are a lot of technologists that look at what Facebook has done and their unwillingness to accept responsibility, and people just aren't willing to work there," Haugen said


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If governments of the world realised (as I've often suggested) that they should be funding critical digital #FOSS infrastructure, instead of OAuth run by mega corporations, slurping our data with their surveillance capitalism bizmodels, we'd be using Mozilla Persona and our lives would be better for it. Huge opportunity missed. Sadly, by failing to take it, you've thrown further fuel onto the fire currently razing our national and personal sovereignties.

@Andrii I'm assuming that if an un-vaccinated employee contracts COVID and suffers 'long covid' and other future ramifications of having had the full-blown virus, the public system will say "tough -you're on your own". I kinda hope so, to maintain balance. And to help cull the antis-social idiots.

@dajbelshaw don't forget to note Exhibit D: that we've paid to have our children's data/privacy/minds mined and our democratic institutions/government monopolised by autocratic digital colonial US corporations more focused than any nation state (and richer than most, too) because our democratic 'leaders' don't know any better (and/or are on the corporate payroll). (to wit: )

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Exciting EU study on open source software:

> strongly contributes to GDP
> avoids vendor lock-in
> reduces costs & maintenance
> drives state-of-the-art tech
> fosters competition, interoperability & tech-neutrality

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I really enjoyed this interview: Make me realise how lucky we are in NZ to have RNZ and, especially, Kim Hill, to help us gain insights into interesting, thoughtful people doing important things. No dumbing down to be seen. Unapologetically inquisitive and erudite.

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still pissed we're nearly +4 years into Blade Runner's imagined future and i cannot get noodles from a passing dirigible at 2am

don't even get me started on the absolute betrayal of the fashion industry

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