Ok, took a bit longer than expected, but we're back... now coming to you live, from San Francisco!

And apologies, some of you may have had to log back in...

Ok, turns out it's taken longer than expected to transfer our data... going to be taking this down in the next couple minutes to do a final data sync, and then we'll shift over to the new host! This Mastodon will be offline for 5-15 minutes... will aim for the minimum :) See you on the flipside!

Hi all on mastodon.oeru.org - there's going to be a brief shutdown (5-10 minutes, I hope) of this server in the next hour or two, as I shift it from Sydney to San Francisco (to better hosting)... So if it stops responding, it's nothing to worry about! Try it again after a few minutes. Thanks!

@oemb1905 @mackiwg I tend to lean towards Postfix for that sort of stuff, although prior to my involvement, the OER Foundation used exim4 (and we still have an instance, but it's about to be replaced)... I've been working quite a lot lately with an impressive email stack using mailcow... mailcow.email - it's fully .

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@oemb1905 that's a fair point, regarding someone else's docker image.... although you should be able to rebuild it yourself if you like... ultimately, there's got to be some trust there, even with non-dockerised software..

@oemb1905 interested to understand your aversion to Docker... as a sysadmin for 25 yrs & commercial hosting provider for 20, it's revolutionised the way I do things...

@oemb1905 @mackiwg I'm not generally a fan of Chromebooks as a concept, esp the cut down keyboard... but some of the hardware is remarkable for the price... I've been pondering whether a managed OS solution (which would be better for primary schools) could be built on the ChromiumOS (on which ChromeOS is built) rather than Google's version...

@oemb1905 interesting looking at Schaefer IT Consulting... I ran my own FOSS bespoke dev and IT integration shop (99.9% , of course!) for many years... looks like a solid outfit! Out of interest, if you haven't come across it, BitWarden might be of interest to you and your customers - here's how we use it: tech.oeru.org/setting-your-own

@oemb1905 hah! Yeah, my 7 and 10 year olds both happily run Chromebooks (Acer Chromebook 14s are truly miraculous for < $200) and run Linux via Crouton to be able to play Minecraft (*slight eyeroll*). But it has the beneficial side effect of making them feel a bit 1337 :) @mackiwg

@oemb1905 most people's "Overton Window" for technology is vanishingly narrow... Part of our job is to help expand it... @mackiwg en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Overton_

@oemb1905 @mackiwg Wow - great to read your thoughtful post and hear that our writing has been of interest! We'd love to work with you and others you're in contact with to expand on these open education ideas... I think it's safe to say that the staff of the OER Foundation (Wayne and I are both part of the Foundation, which helps to facilitate the OERu and manages its technology stack) are committed to open principles. And it's gratifying to find others who understand its value! Thanks.

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Wanna learn about and Creative Commons? It's free, open source and good opportunity to explore 's . New cohort starts this week. Join us: oer.nz/lida103eoi

@jimt wow. Fascinating. And yeah, like hummingbirds and turtles (and snakes) I miss lightning bugs in NZ... not much else, though, to be fair.

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I get frustrated when people in industries who could benefit hugely from better use of tech bemoan the inequity in tech (I agree!) but justify their own inaction & non-participation (or defend persisting with crappy corporate proprietary software that tramples their interests) by saying adapting & learning is "too hard"... It especially bugs me to hear educators say this... sure, learning *is* hard. If it was easy... we wouldn't need educators. Get involved now to make it easier for others!

Righto, what do you think about these new polls?

Ok, we're back with Mastodon 2.8.4, but I need to tidy up one thing, so it's going to go down briefly again...

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