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New Zealand treats animals inhumanely – but it could become a world leader in their welfare - theguardian.com/world/commenti interesting how the famously green NZ isn't actually that green...

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Damn, this is hot: youtu.be/TD2hNsY6G7E?t=1179 love the percussion breakdown and then the horn bursts. The real deal. The True Loves.

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I've just had a good recommendation for a fully #FOSS Client Relationship Management system (CRM) - EspoCRM: espocrm.com/self-hosted-vs-clo They can host your data, or you can. You choose. Any web service that doesn't give you that option is effectively ransomware, holding your data hostage.

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The Horror. (For those who think that vegetables don't suffer...)

@stevefoerster @dajbelshaw it's a great opportunity. I refuse to contribute to the monopolisation of employment, so I deleted my LinkedIn account. Also I've got zero respect for Microsoft.

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@Fionabelle ok - I've made a tweak (looks like something has broken subtly with a recent system upgrade, but I think I've fixed it). Can you please try again?

@Fionabelle thanks for the heads-up - I'm having a look at it now... (I'm responsible for OERu tech services)...

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"Nextcloud can replace many of the online apps you use for collaboration, organization, and task management."

@dajbelshaw I'm pleased to see that other folks are picking up the slack (metaphor, not the nasty proprietary company now owned by Salesforce, equally evil) when I'm away from the computer ;)

@ademalsasa We've been very fortunate here in NZ, Ade, thanks to being an island with a sensible gov't and more sensible people than many other places. Hope your situation is optimistic - all the best!

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What is your choice after switching from #WhatsApp?

Please help me share.

#FreeSoftware #OpenSource

@ademalsasa I use Signal, but I also use RocketChat and Element. All open source, all better than

@clacke @python TIL there's 10,000,000+1 reasons not to run Windows ;)

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Lately I've been reacquainting myself again with #FreeCAD after 20 months of barely using it. I was a little surprised to see that 0.19 still hasn't been released yet (its development had started when I left the community). I use the development builds. When using it just for a few minutes, I didn't notice many changes. But I've been using my 3D printer again, and I needed to design a few things I wanted to print.

There are huge improvements across the board.


@dajbelshaw I'd love to see this. I want NZ's Ministry of Education to run an NZ-based (run by NZ companyies) managed computing environment using ChromiumOS or perhaps Galliumos.org instead of its current practice of outsourcing that stuff to either Google or Microsoft (neither of which is a safe pair of hands for our country's young, curious minds).

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My Fellow Americans is Yuvraj Sing's open licensed (CC0) /name your price book tracing the histories of US presidential inaugural addresses; it reproduces each address along with a scholarly essay exploring its context.


The book has a companion podcast in which various people read each address aloud:



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@dajbelshaw Heh - yes, it's always a challenge... As we software developers like to say "We didn't do it because it was easy. We did it because we *thought* it would be easy." If it wasn't for that blind optimism, very few things would get done at all 🤓

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