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Wanna learn about and Creative Commons? It's free, open source and good opportunity to explore 's . New cohort starts this week. Join us: oer.nz/lida103eoi

@jimt wow. Fascinating. And yeah, like hummingbirds and turtles (and snakes) I miss lightning bugs in NZ... not much else, though, to be fair.

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I get frustrated when people in industries who could benefit hugely from better use of tech bemoan the inequity in tech (I agree!) but justify their own inaction & non-participation (or defend persisting with crappy corporate proprietary software that tramples their interests) by saying adapting & learning is "too hard"... It especially bugs me to hear educators say this... sure, learning *is* hard. If it was easy... we wouldn't need educators. Get involved now to make it easier for others!

Righto, what do you think about these new polls?

Ok, we're back with Mastodon 2.8.4, but I need to tidy up one thing, so it's going to go down briefly again...

For everyone paying attention to this server - I'll shortly be doing an upgrade to it... so be forewarned if/when it stops responding (very briefly, I hope).

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Look what arrived today... My second copy of Charlie Reisinger's great story, The Open Schoolhouse. It's essential reading for anyone in secondary education & *vital* for anyone making digital learning decisions.

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Jeremy's a lovely fellow... if you're in Chch and want clever jewellery - and he always has time and a kind word for dogs, including letting them test out his own dog transport system (for his very large, lovely Bernese Mountain dog, Ruby) including our Luna :)

@mackiwg No idea. Looks like a skinny stretched kiwi statue, but pretty sure that's not right...

@mackiwg I know what this one is... wouldn't want to be a nearby penguin.

@mackiwg looks like ice between brush steel... but possibly something quite small... otherwise, nothing's leaping to mind! Cool, though.

Hello all on mastodon.oeru.org - we've just done an upgrade to version 2.7.4 - push notifications should also be working better, and a few places where "styles" were wonky should now be working correctly...

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Most NZ schools have a "BYOD" programme for student-provided devices. The gov't has got this "free" Microsoft Office365 licensing as a perk of paying many $millions/year for an all-of-gov't agreement: education.govt.nz/school/runni Schools are starting to require MSO365 for students... but it doesn't run on all devices (Linux comps or Chromebooks). This creates a major problem with BYOD policies: the schools don't know what they're doing & students are being disadvantaged by their legit tech choices.

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What's more, the Min of Ed, with this MSO365 "free" license programme is creating a huge imposition upon all students. Their digital works/creativity is being locked into a set of formats that can only be reliably read by MS-blessed software, which is because MS controls the formats & changes them at their whim (often to set back would-be competitors who're trying to offer compatibility). Our gov't is effectively (probably out of ignorance) mandating the of one foreign megacorp's software.

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