Wow. The course the OER Foundation is currently facilitating for 1200ish educators concentrated in the South Pacific, is running on a USD50/month Digital Ocean droplet. The initiation of the course, when you'd expect max resource hit is showing ~ 10% *peak* (CPU & Memory) resource use on that system. That suggests our infrastructure could easily handle 10x more learners or 10k learners. So that suggests a per learner cost of USD0.005/month. I'd say that's pretty cost-effective.


The CPU averages around 0.5% and the memory is consistently at 10%, which suggests that the per-learner memory component is negligible... and it's mostly fixed memory use requirements, so the capacity could be more like 100x or 100k learners. The load average for the server peaks below 0.4 and averages somewhere close to 0.05... so it's hardly doing anything. It suggests that we're vastly overspec'd :) 😂

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