This post goes into the design flaws of password managers:

It recommends a deterministic password manager (DPG). I've been using LessPass as a DPG since July 2017 and am very happy with it:


@dajbelshaw It's always great when you find a solution that you're happy with & when others reinforce that decision :) I'm still a big fan of self-hosted secure (2FA), encrypted password stores. I do it with BitWarden (the fully Rust-based server re-implementation)... it's trivial to step and run for yourself, family, and friends... here's how to do it:

@lightweight In my experience, nothing is trivial when you're a sysadmin for others 😂

@dajbelshaw Heh - yes, it's always a challenge... As we software developers like to say "We didn't do it because it was easy. We did it because we *thought* it would be easy." If it wasn't for that blind optimism, very few things would get done at all 🤓

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