@oemb1905 interesting looking at Schaefer IT Consulting... I ran my own FOSS bespoke dev and IT integration shop (99.9% , of course!) for many years... looks like a solid outfit! Out of interest, if you haven't come across it, BitWarden might be of interest to you and your customers - here's how we use it:

@lightweight thanks for sharing - i will check that out now ... internally, we use all Free Software ... but externally, we do integrate with many proprietary businesses ..

@lightweight for management, we self-host git on encrypted drives behind an openwrt vpn server ... no cost .... libre/gratis and secure

@lightweight you might also enjoy checking jason schaefer's blog here: and i keep most it tidbits on my dokuwiki here ... thanks for reaching out!

@lightweight yeah this fork of bitwarden looks cool ... i may set one up on digital ocean without using the docker though ... adding another hacking project to the list ... thanks david, i will also send to jason

@lightweight I do not want to use docker, especially not someone else's image for password storage, so I will wait until I can bang this out manually - keep you posted ...

@oemb1905 interested to understand your aversion to Docker... as a sysadmin for 25 yrs & commercial hosting provider for 20, it's revolutionised the way I do things...

@lightweight there have been numerous docker exploits in images that have existed in the commons for years before some hacker with the knowledge found/located it ... they are covered on many tech blogs, including the folks at Jupiter Broadcasting in TechSNAP and they link to the actual studies ... I am also less veteran than you, so for me, learning and doing by hand is still cool and helpful ... ;0

@oemb1905 that's a fair point, regarding someone else's docker image.... although you should be able to rebuild it yourself if you like... ultimately, there's got to be some trust there, even with non-dockerised software..

@lightweight there is certainly always trust, and I won't preclude building my own from the list ... but the project and concept is spot on and on my to-do list officially as I am sick of pulling up passwords on a local git behind vpn and copying and pasting, so recommendation well received ... and, additionally, there are also numerous docker exploits to be concerned about ... but it is cool and i am on it!

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