@aral - read your Reclaiming RSS post with interest! At the OERu, we're making active use of RSS (& Atom), and have just built a tool to help people find useful feeds on their own (or others') blogs... - the code: (will be moving to our own gitlab in the coming weeks) @mackiwg

@lightweight @aral @mackiwg just tested it out on my blog and it works great! Now, if only RSS planets were more prevalent...

I kinda liked the old days with interesting individual blogs.

@thinkMoult @lightweight @aral Thanks for testing. Our goal at is to empower learners to manage their own blogs as portfolios to publish artifacts of their learning. The RSS piece helps us to syndicate blog posts via a course feed. This is our implementation of learning on the Internet rather than learning via a single, often proprietary app like a Learning Management System.

@mackiwg @lightweight @aral great! How do I get involved? I often type up things I learn on my blog.

@thinkMoult @mackiwg @aral everything we do is FOSS or OER (CC licensed). On the tech side: & (moving to our own Gitlab soonish), on the academic side: (see for an example course)

Hi @thinkMoult Thanks for the offer and reaching out. This video summarises the concept: As @lightweight has pointed out - we're open sourcing . Perhaps you could help us with testing our blog scanner for the next cohort course?

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