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My small contribution to #Fediverse & #ActivityPub


#Opensource tool to Embed #Mastodon or #Pleroma profile #feed on any web page.

Soon i will add more themes, more supported platforms etc.

Feel #free to #test and use. Your comments and suggestions are welcome. Please #boost ❤️

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@omgubuntu the key to taking money from Microsoft is to realise they're giving you money to gain influence. Don't allow yourself to depend on it, and don't feel gratitude. Just use the money to undermine, to the extent possible, proprietary software.

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@lightweight @pricklyheart LibreOffice is not only working like a champ for the old Word 3 formatted documents but also the old QuickDraw PICT images which I can convert to PNG.

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Red-naped Sapsucker

Striking medium-sized woodpecker of western North America. Long, solid white wing patch helps distinguish it from Downy and Hairy Woodpeckers. Adult male has red cap and throat; females are similar but with white chin; juveniles are messy brownish-gray overall. The namesake red nape is just a small patch and can be difficult to see. Compare with the extremely similar Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, which barely overlaps in range. Note male Red-naped has a more extensive red throat patch with a narrow, broken black border, and the white markings on the back are less extensive and loosely organized into two rows. Head pattern usually separates it from Red-breasted Sapsucker, but beware some hybrids occur. Breeds in montane forest, often with aspens or willows. Descends to lower elevations in winter; occurs in a variety of woodland habitats from the southwestern U.S. to central Mexico. Like other sapsuckers, drills rows of sap wells into tree bark. Listen for irregular drumming (like morse code) and various nasal calls.

Link: ebird.org/species/rensap

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Nice, the #EU gave #Mozilla money to develop an offline, privacy friendly translation engine, and it's been released!


TIL I learned that I share a birthday with Ian Brown, my least favourite member of the Stone Roses (one of my favourite bands)...

Not a very nice day here in Christchurch. Winter's definitely nearly here.

Excellent illustration of induced demand... invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v= orhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCzCJzwrB_c No one ever lost weight by buying larger trousers.

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My take-home message is that resources with CC licenses are plenty in the www. You must know how to look for them and identify which of the six type of cc licenses the resource has. We must note which of the cc licenses will be compatible when we want to mix any of the resources you download.

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How is #TuskOverMusk not already a thing among Mastodon communities?

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Let's see if people at #OEGlobal22 see this post on the NZ-based Fediverse! This is how open-and-distributed works... I wonder who the first attendee from, say, the northern hemisphere to see and boost it will be...

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This is how works. @clintlalonde paying his learning forward by sharing a detailed description of moving from one Mastodon instance to another. Thanks Clint 👏👏 See: edtechfactotum.com/migrating-t

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Bookmarking this one > switching.software is a grassroots website, that is trying to let people know about ethical and easy-to-use alternatives to well-known websites, apps and other software.

Their tips on how to switch.

1) Don't be afraid
2) Start small
3) Tell your friends (hence this toot to y'all)
4) Don't overextend yourself
5) Ask for help
6) Help others
7) Don't fuel unwanted fears


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#Mastodon makes 100000 times more sense than Twitter ever did once you start using it properly

Cool, just upgraded this instance of Mastodon from 3.3.0 to 3.5.1, including a major PostgreSQL upgrade (from 9.6 to 14). All looking good so far! Upgrade took 50 min from start to finish.

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If you are new to Mastodon and are looking for an Android mobile app, I use Tusky tusky.app/

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Why hello desk my old friend. It's my first day working in the office since March 2, 2020. I have really missed my morning bike commute to/from the office, and the vibrant energy & buzz in the air working in the heart of downtown. I had a last-minute scramble to find my office keys and I forgot my mouse, but happy to be working from a different locale.

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I’m bringing my story re-runs to #OER22 nothing novel new but the sparks of serendipity still stir me. The door is open
always and there’s much likely happening somewhere now in this fediverse stories.cogdogblog.com/share-o

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