@M0YNG Have you tried using git-ftp? It can figure out what new things need to be uploaded from the git commit log and so can be quickly smart about only uploading changed things. github.com/git-ftp/git-ftp (and in a package manager near you).

@technomancy Perhaps it defeats your goal of avoiding a browser-based client, but I find glowing-bear.org/# a convenient way to use Weechat (and through it, Slack).

@oranje minicom for its variety of "upload" configurations

@M0YNG Each Icom radio has a settable single byte address to which it responds... but if you haven't been playing with the radio's menus between applications, it seems unlikely for it to have been changed.

@lightweight Thanks. I have a modest keyboard collection and am a member of the Tokyo Mechanical Keyboard Meetup.
The butterfly-shaped Keyboard.io Model 01 is stylish with its pretty wood case, but not spectacular for typing (because of the keycaps & switches).
The smaller Atreus in that photo actually is nicer for typing... but has so few keys a lot of chording is required. Trade-offs!

@lightweight Or an old iMac. I had one in NZ and found a slightly newer one here in JP. Linux installation has become a doddle.

I am saddened to learn of the passing of contributor Keith Lyons. Keith was the author behind the Sport Informatics and Analytics course (which I enjoyed even though it is well out of my areas of expertise). He was a dedicated blogger, OER contributor, and an interesting correspondent. keithlyons.me/blog/2020/05/14/

@M0YNG If you do decide to upgrade, I would suggest considering an option that doesn't still rely on an SD card for on board storage. eMMC is both faster and more reliable.

I enjoyed a pair programming session with a 12 year old girl halfway around the world, where we each learned something... lockdown doesn't stop picking up new skills. A fun alternative to more local frustrations.

Thanks to the Wellington VHF Group for holding their meeting online tonight... First time I have been able to "attend" a meeting in 2 years. vhf.nz/

Thanks to the Vienna (Virginia) Wireless Society amateur radio club for making their bimonthly meetings available on Zoom. viennawireless.net/wp/ @hamradio

Social Distance game, including Prime Minister Abe giving you 2 cloth masks: gamingchahan.com/mitsudesuengl @japan

Finally got serious about reorganizing my dotfiles mess using GNU Stow @linux

That time when you wonder if you should admit knowing Cobol, but are far enough from New Jersey that you don't have to worry about it. josephsteinberg.com/covid-19-r

Dear Fediverse, suggestions for forum software 

Updated XLX936 (NZ) and XLX626 (JP). I've been using YSF->DMR, but now have the option using YSF directly.

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