After last week's Mozilla dev Roadshow, I am experimenting with Gateway to tie together my WEMO, TP-link, and Ikea gadgets.

Spent Culture Day at 2019, a day's worth of presentations devoted to the cultured text editor. Talks ranged from philosophical to practical.

An inexpensive Open Source FIDO2, U2F security key that slots into a USB port is in its final days on Crowd Supply from @SoloKeysSec

(I am already playing with and in this cute form factor.)

It is election campaign season in Japan again... where candidates presume that saying their name over and over from a loudspeaker truck is enough to distinguish themselves... from all the other loudspeaker trucks.

My neighborhood is having a lightning bug festival this weekend. The bugs are shipped in from the countryside. I missed out not growing up to be a lightning bug farmer.

Nice to see mentioned as a repository of open education resources in COL's Sanjaya Mishra talk at Fiji National University.

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