A stunning day in the midst of the rainy season prompted a morning bicycle ride along the coast.

Baseball season (well, yakyu season) finally starts tonight! Choice of 4 televised games (although one is in a rain delay, and another playing in pouring rain). But hey! Baseball!

I am saddened to learn of the passing of contributor Keith Lyons. Keith was the author behind the Sport Informatics and Analytics course (which I enjoyed even though it is well out of my areas of expertise). He was a dedicated blogger, OER contributor, and an interesting correspondent. keithlyons.me/blog/2020/05/14/

I enjoyed a pair programming session with a 12 year old girl halfway around the world, where we each learned something... lockdown doesn't stop picking up new skills. A fun alternative to more local frustrations.

Thanks to the Wellington VHF Group for holding their meeting online tonight... First time I have been able to "attend" a meeting in 2 years. vhf.nz/

Thanks to the Vienna (Virginia) Wireless Society amateur radio club for making their bimonthly meetings available on Zoom. viennawireless.net/wp/ @hamradio

Social Distance game, including Prime Minister Abe giving you 2 cloth masks: gamingchahan.com/mitsudesuengl @japan

Finally got serious about reorganizing my dotfiles mess using GNU Stow @linux

That time when you wonder if you should admit knowing Cobol, but are far enough from New Jersey that you don't have to worry about it. josephsteinberg.com/covid-19-r

Updated XLX936 (NZ) and XLX626 (JP). I've been using YSF->DMR, but now have the option using YSF directly.

Contributed to the (very ambitious) rooftop shack revitalization fund at the MIT UHF Repeater Assoc. w1mx.mit.edu/giving/

From a simpler time when carrying around surplus HT200s with rebuilt Ni-Cad packs made us nerds.

_Finally_ got around to uploading a couple of keys to keys.openpgp.org/ to simplify life for Enigmail-using correspondents.

Impressed by the polish shown by a release candidate of 20.02 running on my Early exploration of the provided XFCE4 18.04.3 makes it look quite functional.

After last week's Mozilla dev Roadshow, I am experimenting with Gateway to tie together my WEMO, TP-link, and Ikea gadgets. iot.mozilla.org/gateway/

Spent Culture Day at 2019, a day's worth of presentations devoted to the cultured text editor. Talks ranged from philosophical to practical. vimconf.org/2019/

An inexpensive Open Source FIDO2, U2F security key that slots into a USB port is in its final days on Crowd Supply from @SoloKeysSec crowdsupply.com/solokeys/somu

(I am already playing with and in this cute form factor.)

It is election campaign season in Japan again... where candidates presume that saying their name over and over from a loudspeaker truck is enough to distinguish themselves... from all the other loudspeaker trucks.

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