Today I was pointed to which looks like an attractive and easy-to-navigate web site trying to raise awareness and promote action on litter in New Zealand. I like the combination of education, activism, and citizen science.

HamSCI 2021 is a virtual conference today and tomorrow, with a focus on mid-latitude ionosphere... bringing together scientists and (Available on Zoom and YouTube) @ham

The Tokyo Users Group is meeting on Gather now: Mailman 3 and Lilypond are the main topics. @linux

thanks to everyone who joined FennelConf to make it a success! it was so cool to see the wide range of subjects and the enthusiasm everyone brought.

we'll have the videos posted in the next few days.

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I moved from Silicon Valley to Japan "for two or three years" 30 years ago today.

From the era when we didn't worry about editor configuration or syntax highlighting.

Continuing to enjoy how straightforward, quick, and flexible it is to build small things with (and ). Seems in a sweet spot providing good developer and user experience.

Updating 20.04->20.10beta seems to have gone smoothly so far. The lack of drama nowadays is probably lulling me into a false sense of security.

I switched to an electricity provider that claims to be providing 100% renewable energy. So far no obvious change in smell or brightness of our (mostly) LED lighting.

nVIDIA has demonstrated very low bandwidth video conferencing by sending a keyframe, and then a stream of facial keypoints that allow a GAN to animate that face.

Sometimes people don't understand why I chose to live in Japan, but then I show them innovations like these apple pie flavored instant noodles.

Ratheon Missiles & Defense just 'promoted' a tweet about the "AMRAAM missle." I can't decide whether I am more amused that they think I am in the market... or that they don't know what the final 'M' in AMRAAM stands for.

A couple of guys on Twitter have made @Atari8BitBot that will run BASIC programs you tweet at it in an Atari 800 emulator, and then reply with a movie of the result. Not a great debugging environment, but an amusing way to show off your retro skills.

I am pleased I can "attend" over the Internet for the next 3 days... but the 2300JST start time is challenging. I'll obviously have to forgo some of the live Q&A sessions. @forth

_Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs_ (SICP) with Javascript, or as the authors subtitled their talk "Ketchup on Caviar?"

I am enjoying this year's ICFP. The organizing committee have done a good job of putting it together in this new format and the nacent Clowdr platform has been behaving admirably. It is great that each track is repeated 12 hours later for those of us in Asia (and most authors turn up twice for Q&A.) I do miss the serendipitous social interactions. The video chat "social" breakout rooms aren't nearly as effective at random connections.

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