@mackiwg quick question please...are versions of the CC BY SA matter in a remix? Like same CC BY SA but one is 2.0 while the other one is 4.0. I think, it matters? Can't remix different versions?Thanks much😊

Please clarify, I received an email where an OER Image Badge is awarded then I received another email containing a notice of changed status to rejected for my submitted work. Having checked my Moodle submission it is deemed graded and approved. I checked the badges in my Moodle, the badge is there.
Please advise if it is rejected and where did it go wrong so I can have a second attempt on this. Thank you so much.

@mackiwg an original work with two licenses, GNU and CCSA which will be remixed with CCSA original work...is the remix compatible? the ones mentioned in the course was for derivative works not allowing a remix between a GNU and a CCSA is acknowledged. I understand that the discussion did not address the complexities of compatibility among different licenses. However, Please can you give light on this? Thank you so much.

@mackiwg I tried to install but this dialogue box appeared. Can we have another option? Please advise. Thanks

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@mackiwg the topic on Develop Teaching ....we have a problem on this as it requires us to install LibreOffice Writer? Our issued machines do not allow us to permanently install without admin password which is only with our DOE-ICT. A temporary installing be done but when logged off, all removed because of DeepFreeze. Please advise. I can ask the DOE-ICT to do this but it will take time as they will manually go from one officer's machine to another to do this and next week is Term Break. Thanks

@mackiwg Apologies...missed out the sense! as it cannot be released as a derivative work hence there is no correct remix for such!

@mackiwg Please what is the correct answer for Remix 3? All the options given are incorrect. Thank you so much.

The provided compatibility chart is a big help for remix purposes. Thank you so much

This is good, we can do much out from these. The remix is a bit confusing if you are not well versed with the licenses. Can we have a listing of all compatible remix?

Thanks David for this sufficient guide of what makes an OER...OER

In Papua New Guinea I think it would take about a full 2-3 weeks National In-Service Training to generate OERs for the full curriculum Grade level. It will need to include the basic orientation of OERs nature and functions as well as how to create one. National day for OER Development can serve as an add on activity. Inclusion of this in the work programme with needed technical support and daily allowance whilst developing these in in-service training would be good.

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